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Release + Review - Get Revenge - Rie Warren

He made sure she’d never come looking for him. She vowed to hate him until her dying breath. When they meet again sparks fly, lust ignites . . . danger doubles down.

I’m a bad biker dude with a serious chip on my shoulder. I’m also known for being an ex-con and most likely to be engaged in a spicy threesome with the Doublemint Twins. Everything comes to a screeching halt when a woman I betrayed shows up at Blood Legion MC. 

There’s no frickin’ way Arden high and mighty Prioleau belongs anywhere near the Thunder Road Bar. There’s no frigging reason for her to be looking for me. She’s cool, calm, and cultured on the outside, all seething anger and undeniable sexiness on the inside. 

Arden is a glorious redhaired vixen with one giant ask—she wants my help to take down a man I’d rather dismember than share a drink with.

Revenge isn’t even his real name, but he doesn’t want anyone else to know who he really is. I guess I can’t blame him. I wish I could change my identity too if only to get away from the maniac destroying my life.

Revenge is the last person on earth I’d ever expect to rely on. He’s my last chance. My final hope. And that isn’t saying all that much considering how we ended. 

Now I’m not so sure what I’ve gotten myself into. Revenge is hardened and even hotter than I remembered. He’s a black sheep with a checkered past. A dark horse who’s dirty as sin. 

It turns out my knight in shining armor is a leather-clad biker I’ve known most of my life and have spent the past few years hating with a fiery intensity. 

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Jennifer's Review 
Interesting MC novel. Get Revenge is an interesting take on a second chance romance with an MC twist. This is a stand-alone, but it's obvious it's a part of a series. While I didn't feel I missed too much by reading this book without the others, I still wished I had read the others first.

I enjoyed the plot of this book. What could bring prissy Arden to the MC's front door asking for the man that ruined her life years ago? Will he step up and help her or turn her away? I liked the way the author wrote the plot of this book. It was interesting and had just enough twists to keep me hooked.

Arden was a good character, but I felt she could've been better. There were small things about her that bothered me. Revenge was a good character as well. He is noble and protective. I loved that about him.

There is a lot of heat in this story. While the heat was well written and steamy, I felt like it was a bit much for me personally. With that being said, I enjoyed it.

The writing style of this book is good. Its told in a dual point of view. It has a steady pace. I enjoyed seeing the dynamic between characters. I liked the bits of backstory I read as well.

Overall, this was a good book. I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. While there were parts of this book I didn't fall in love with, there were other parts that I did. I would like to go back and read the other books now.

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Heat: 4/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

In the Series:
Cry Mercy (Blood Legion #1)
Save Grace (Blood Legion #2)
No Saint (Blood Legion #3)

Author Bio:
Badass, sassafras Rie Warren is an OG Amazon All Star author of Bad Boy books and MC romance. She delivers five star sex, suspense, and the best banter around. Her stories are one hundred percent original, do not contain fluffy plots or virgin brides, and wring every last emotion from readers to leave them with a satisfied smile. Rie’s tough alpha males are never brought to heel, but are instead healed by the feisty femme fatale of their perfect match.
She grew up in Maine, went to college in Iowa (Iowa, what?), lived in Scotland, and married in Englishman. In true roundabout fashion, they came back to the States, settled in South Carolina’s lowcountry, putting down southern roots and pursuing their arty endeavors. Tale spinner and character diviner, Rie is a lover of sleep, wine, and rude memes often involving either Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh. She is raising two teen daughters along with an entire brain full of unruly characters.
Rough-talking alpha men? Rie has that on tap.
Stubborn sassy heroines? You bet.
Smoldering sex scenes that’ll set your Kindle on fire? Check, check, check.
Keep a fan handy, you’ll need it.

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Gabriel—Revenge—held my wrists together loosely locked behind my back, which brought my heaving breasts in contact with the solid wall of his chest. 
His breath fanned down, and his half-mast eyes held me captive. 
“All tempest and tempestuousness, cher. And you will always be too goddamn tempting to me.” 
Passion collided, overriding everything, and we crashed together. 
We couldn’t keep our hands off one another. 
Lips pressed together in hard wet kisses, teeth nipping, hands seeking, we went at each other with hunger that consumed. 
Our clothes came off in a flurry. 
I didn’t even care when he ripped the zipper on my skirt slightly from its expensive moorings. 
Both finally naked, we stood panting, not touching. Seconds stretched out as the air steeped in sensual stillness. We looked, seeing the other after so many years—wholly, completely bare. 
I thought his smoldering stare alone would melt me into a puddle. 
I wondered if I was drooling. 
He had to have at least seventy-five pounds on Barnaby, and he was pure sculpted muscle. 
Muscle covered in tattoos. 
Foreign and exotic but my first lover. 
My only love. 
We came together in a fiery kiss that molded us from lips to legs, and the hard jut of his cock against my belly filled me with such need I bit his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. 
He yanked his head back, growling as he filled his hands with my ass to lift me up astride him. 
I hissed when his thick hardness split the lips of my pussy wide. I looped my legs around his lean waist. I rode against him—against his rigid cock—spilling wetness all over that rampant rod. 
His mouth slammed back over mine, tongue diving deep to twine with mine and lure me back into his mouth where I tasted nothing but heat as I writhed against his cock, feeling nothing but brute force. 
I thought he’d take me right up against the wall, and I wanted it. 
I needed it. 
My fingers crammed into his hair, I moved lower to suck on his earlobe, to drag my tongue along the sinews of his strongly corded throat. 
The huge muscles in his arms flexed tantalizingly as he helped grind me against the cock wedged along my weeping slit. 
“Goddamn, Arden. Trying to make me come before I even get inside you?” He grunted, rough fingers squeezing my ass hard. 
I laughed in a sultry tone I could hardly remember and took another sharp little bite of his bottom lip, his beard tickling me. “If you do, I want it in my mouth.”
“Fuuuck.” Pivoting swiftly, Gabriel stalked to the bed then deposited me in the center of the mattress. 
“I’m pissed off at you, you know?” He stood beside me, bold in his glaring hotness and all that hard body. 
I stretched out like a wanton creature beneath his hooded gaze. “Should I say sorry?”

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