Monday, December 1, 2014

Review - Bound (The Forbidden Series #1) - Melody Anne.

I really enjoyed this book. I've read quite a few books in this genre lately, but this one really stood out as being different.
Jewell is a gorgeous 24 year old, who is completely down on her luck. She quit her job 2 years ago to move back home and help out her mom and younger brother, when her mother gets sick. Her mom passes away and the medical bills zap any money that they have. Then her brother gets taken away by the state. Jewell is left with nothing. Things get so bad, that she ends up sleeping in a shelter. She has to get a job and some money to get her brother back, then it would seem her luck starts to change. She is approached by a woman who obviously has money and she is mysteriously offered a job. She is told to go to a certain place and is handed a card, with the name Relinquish Control on. With no other choices available to Jewell, and her time running out to be able to get her brother back, Jewell decides to find out about the job. 

Blake Knight is uber rich, gorgeous and has no time for relationships. He has specific and unusual tastes when it comes to women and what he wants from them. His brother gives him a card and some info on an exclusive place where his desires could be perfectly catered to. No attachments, no trouble, just what a man who apparently has no heart needs.

When Blake decides to go look around Relinquish Control, he is almost ready to walk out, having seen nothing that takes his fancy, until he sees the new girl. Yet, she isn't ready. She hasn't even completed her training. But Blake wants her, he will take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes to get her. He wants to be the one who trains her. 

Jewell, does not feel ready to be going with any clients yet. She doesn't want to do it at all, but she pictures her brother to make her fears disappear. She knows she has no other choice, so she swallows her fears and gets on with it. Once she sees Blake, she knows there is something different about him, not just how he looks but also the connection when they looked at each other. 

So from there on, we see how Jewell handles this new role, and also how Blake handles her. What they have together is very sexy, with some amazingly hot scenes, but also we see Jewell breaking through Blake's cold and hard exterior. Something is building between them, but Jewell is only there for one week, she then has to go back to Relinquish Control for her next client. 

I loved the originality of this story and also the grittiness of it. It wasn't all hearts and flowers. Blake has a painful past, and we do get to learn parts of it. Some of it, is still a bit vague but I'm guessing that will all be explained in the next book. The ending is quite a shocker but there isn't long to wait for the next book, and I think it helps with the excitement for the next one. The writing was gripping and had me hooked throughout the story. A really enjoyable and addictive read. 4 Stars.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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