Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review - Nexus, The Core of Erotic Desires - Lainie Suzanne

This was a sexy, and easy read. I loved Katherine. She was just so real. As much as I love reading about all the gorgeous people who are flawless, and sexy. You can't always relate to those stunning characters. Katherine, was gorgeous too but she wasn't your every day typical character. She had sexy curves, and was a plus size, mid 40's divorcee. She had brought up her 2 sons and worked hard. She now wanted something for herself. Her best friend made her go to a BDSM club for a night out. I say 'made' as Katherine, was not at all keen to start with. Yet it would seem that one night changed everything.
Deb and Katherine get themselves all kitted out in their sexy clothes, suitable for wearing at a BDSM open night. They try to find their way around, checking all the scenes out, having a look at things they have only ever read about in books. They both love it, and attract some attention from some of the Dom's in the club.
Katherine has caught the eye of one of most gorgeous and prominent Dom's in the club. Yet, she doesn't quite know who he is yet.
After a fantastic night, they go back to reality. Katherine needs some more money to help her son out, whilst he does some study abroad. She applies for a part time job, doing some accounting and goes to the interview. It's at the interview that she meets the man hiring. The same man who brought out a whole new side to her, when she took a visit to Nexus. The gorgeous Dom. Who it turns out also owns the club, and needs someone to do the books/accounting for the club.
It's from there that we see Katherine come out of herself, Issac brings out this new submissive and confident side to Katherine. She is being awakened. We get to see what goes on inside this world, and see it all from the funny and real eyes of Katherine.
This was an exciting and sexy read. The characters were addictive and the story was captivating. I can't wait to see what the next story in the series brings.
4.5 Stars.

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