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REVIEW - Enslaved; The Life of Anna, Part 1 - Marissa Honeycutt

TITLE - Enslaved; The Life of Anna, Part 1

AUTHOR - Marissa Honeycutt


Anna's entire life was scripted out before she was born by Devin Andersen, a man who doesn't have her best interests in mind. She is to be a tool in his hands to gain ultimate power in the USA. No, not as the President, but as the man who controls the President.
Raised by an extremely abusive guardian, Anna was molded into the perfect sex slave for Devin's use. Devin will use Anna's unique gifts to control everyone around him and eventually take her gifts for himself.When Devin took her for himself at the age of twelve, she had a vision of a man. A man who Devin was very interested in. But why? Why would Devin care about a little girl's dreams?

************************** Warning ***************************

This series is for mature adults. This series is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about sexual, physical, emotional abuse and torture.

Book 1 is the lightest of the series. It is an introduction to Anna's world. If Book 1 is too dark for you, please do not continue the series. If it's not dark enough for you...heheheh...just wait. :)

Disclaimer: This book series is about a sex slave. Therefore, there is sex in it. Lots of sex. Other disclaimers: Physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical torture, sexual torture, rape, death, violence, violent rape, gang rape, anal sex, regular sex, violent sex, violent anal sex, sex with non-sexual objects, sex with sexual objects, m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m, orgies, bloody scenes, disturbing scenes, scenes that might make you throw up or cry, scenes that make my characters throw up and cry, mindfucks, cursing, drug use, multiple snuff scenes, disturbing rituals, manipulation, brain-washing, people in disturbing situations (duh!), imperfect heroes and evil antagonists doing evil things.

Not everything happens in the first book, but by the time you've read the series, you will have seen it all.

Do not read this if you are under the age of consent in your country. Do not get angry if the subject or actual book upsets you. If you're reading this, you've been warned.

But, I do promise a satisfying Happily Ever After.

Warning: This book has been known to cause book hangovers.

My Review:

God I loved this book so much!! Every so often, whilst reading endless amounts of books, sometimes very similar books. You come across one that stands out from the crowd. One that is different, fresh, exciting, and addictive. A book, that has you glued to every word, on every page, and doing the whole "just one more chapter, then I'll sleep" thing. Then once this said books is finished, you're sat thinking about it for ages, and literally can't wait to get your hands on the next one. Well....Enslaved was most definitely one of those books.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of this book. I had seen it floating around the internet and already wanted to read it, but had so many others to get through first. Then saw a chance to read it, and jumped on it. WOW I'm so glad I did. I finished it in one day and I'm still sat thinking about it.

Totally new story. Anna lost her parents when she was young, they were well renowned in the world of Ballet, which also happened to be something that Anna loved and was good at. When they died, Anna was placed in the care of a guardian. A man who had been friends with her parents and was chosen to take care of her. Although Anna was removed from the life she knew, and had to live a very unconventional life while growing up, she still felt love and affection for her guardian Jack. Yet once Anna turned 16, everything that she knew and felt safe with, changed dramatically. Anna was apparently of the age, to begin her training. She was being trained to be a sex slave. From that moment on, the man she knew and loved as family, no longer looked, spoke or treated her the same way. He now lived to inflict pain on Anna for any small mistake she may make. Training her to be the very best slave, she can be. Once 20, Anna will be handed over to an Elder. A man with power, connections, money, and prestige. To be a slave to an Elder is a big deal, something Anna should be excited about. Yet after 4 long years of constant abuse and pain, Anna does not know what to think. She used to like her intended master, Devin. He, like her guardian, Jack used to shower her with affection and love, but like Jack, Devin also changed towards Anna when she turned 16.
The day of Anna's 20th birthday comes along, and she is finally being taken to the Manor, her new home to be with her Master. This where everything changes yet again. Some good things some bad. I'm not going to spoil the story by saying anymore.

What I will say is, this book is dark. Very dark, and there is some quite shocking scenes, but if you like your stories gritty, dark and shocking. You will absolutely love this book. I absolutely did!

The writing style is mesmerizing. I felt the tension pour out of every scene. I couldn't stop reading as I never knew what was around the corner. The tension oozed out of the words. The characters were also completely addictive. The Germans, Alex and Kurt were delicious, and addictive.
What I truly loved about this book, was the originality and clever detail that went in to everything. From the detail that goes in to the whole Elders and Brothers, the world that they have know for years. To all the piercings that show what your status is within the world. Also, something that hasn't really been completely delved in to yet, but I'm thinking and hoping it will be, in the next book, is the mystical and slightly magical element to the whole world they live in. I can't quite grasp all of it yet, but I know something unusual and not of this world is intertwined in the story. Another reason for me to be stupidly excited about the next book. There is so much still to find out.

If you love dark reads, which are different and exciting, this is perfect. I 1000% recommend this book. 

5 Stars.

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