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REVIEW - Enthrall Secrets (Enthrall Sessions #7) - Vanessa Fewings

TITLE - Enthrall Secrets

SERIES - Enthrall Sessions #7

AUTHOR - Vanessa Fewings


The promise of salvation.

That was his offer. If I surrendered completely. I’d be rewarded with nothing less than my very own salvation. 

And I needed it. Quite simply, I was drowning until billionaire Danton Belfort swept me up into his world.

His unmatched reputation for mastering submissives was legendary. His methods cruel, yet beautiful. Commanding, yet delicate. He was willing do whatever it took to reach beyond my veil of pain and ensure a transformation that would render me reborn as the most dazzling of dominatrixes.

If the process didn’t obliterate me. 

All I had to do was survive. Survive him. Survive myself. 

Can serve as a stand alone novel. 

ENTHRALL SECRETS is the latest erotic romance novel by bestselling author Vanessa Fewings. It tells the long-awaited story of Scarlet Winters, the infamous, fiery dominatrix from the exclusive Los Angeles BDSM club Enthrall.

This is the world of the hidden.


I'm still in awe of just how good any book from the Enthrall world is. Book 7 in the series, and they just continue to get better with each release. 

Enthrall Secrets is Enthrall Dominatrix Scarlet's story. Throughout the Enthrall Sessions, Scarlet always remained quite a mystery. She was a little older, and obviously had a history, experience and some secrets. I always wondered about her, and was pleasantly surprised to see Enthrall Secrets would be her book. 

Set in the past when Scarlet is heading to college, and a year ago from the present day. We are shown two large parts of Scarlet's history. 
The earlier part is Scarlet heading off to France for the once in a lifetime opportunity, of spending time with one of only a few men, who could rival Cameron Cole in the underground world of the rich dominant alpha's. Danton Belfort is the gorgeous French billionaire who will transform Scarlet and enable her to finally reach her dream of being a powerful Dominatrix.
This particular part of the story is a mix of all things I love about any Enthrall story, yet it managed to completely throw me, when I realised it wasn't just an intriguing and seductive part of her past, but also an incredibly heart breaking part. I didn't think for one second, I would be so shocked, and wiping ugly, messy tears whilst reading. But for such a sad part, it was also incredibly beautiful and I think that's what made it leave such an impression.

So aside from that we have another story weaving through Scarlet's tale, and that was a pleasant shocker too. I was really pleased to see how this part played out, and felt incredibly satisfied with Scarlet's HEA. 

I am also a HUGE fan of Cameron Cole, and for the huge amount of books I get through, not one single man, in any of those books, has managed to bump Cameron from his spot at the top. Not one has even come close. When Cameron's story came to an end, I felt a little lost and sad, wondering whether he would ever pop up in a book again, and he has, twice!! In Enthrall Secrets, we get to see yet again, just how incredible Cameron is. He always manages to show another side to him, and this time it was loyal friend. He was incredible with Scarlet, and I fell in love with him all over again, if that is possible. 

So again, an incredible story from one of my ultimate favourite authors. Vanessa never fails to bring a truly satisfying story in this world of the forbidden. I madly love all of her characters, and always feel a little heartbroken when the story finishes. I'm forever saying I never re-read books, as I just don't have time, or the inclination. But after finishing Enthrall Secrets, I know I needed to go back and live through Mia's story again, so I'm back to the beginning yet again, for my Cameron fix!

I seriously can't possibly recommend this book enough. Even though it is book 7 in an epic series, you could read it as a standalone. BUT to be honest, I would just go from the beginning, as every single book is perfection. And I love the whole series so much. It's my absolute favourite. 

Thank you Vanessa for not closing the doors on this series yet, the day you say your characters from the Enthrall series, have nothing left to say, will be so sad. I'm personally holding out to see if Lotte has a story to tell. I love her huge amounts! *hint hint*

There needs to be an option for more than 5 stars here, STAT!!! 


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