Tuesday, August 30, 2016

REVIEW - The Vacuum Chronicles - Natalie Alder & Rick Johnson

Title - The Vacuum Chronicles

Author - Rick Johnson & Natalie Alder


Mild-mannered Myles Mitchell wasn’t looking for love that day in Daly’s Diner when he met Yvette Luponski. The thirty-two year old accountant was happy with his vacuums and daily lunches at Daly’s. But from the first time he insulted her he was head over heels for the waitress. Join Myles on his rollercoaster love life with Yvette and the many different characters that frequent the same greasy spoon, including guest appearances by TT from Rick Johnson’s Trailer Trash.


The Vacuum Chronicles is about a woman named Yvette who is a waitress at a diner called Dalys and a man named Myles Mitchell who is an accountant. Myles comes into Dalys a lot. Yvette's coworker, LaRaine knows who is he and the two of them go out on a date. 

Yvette and Myles are the main characters. I liked Yvette the most because of her attitude and just the way she was around Myles. Myles creeped me out and is a shy guy who seems to be scared of women in my opinion. A character I couldn't stand was Duffy. He was a bully and I thought he seemed like the "cocky type."

This book has some humor in it, and some of it seemed dumb to me. In the beginning I was like really, what in the world am I reading? Who came up with an idea to write about what a guy does with a vacuum?? I struggled to read this story as it's different from what I've read by Natalie Alder. I did laugh at a few spots but in my opinion this wasn't the best book I've read by Alder. Maybe it's the whole idea of the vacuum but through most of this story I was rolling my eyes. 

The writing was just ok as it didn't grab my attention. There was humor and a relationship happening but it just seemed blah. There was something missing as I didn't connect to this story. The characters and setting of this story were what made this story an ok/good book to read. This is one series where I am not excited to continue reading. 

Parts of the story I liked:

"Your middle name must be Hubble, because every time I get behind you I want to pull out a telescope and stare at Uranus."

"You're as welcome as a polar bear making out with an ice pack on the Fourth of July."

The name of a club that's called 'The Chunky Chicken'.   

Star Ratings:
Plot - 3/5
Characters- 4/5 
Writing Style- 3/5 
Overall Rating- 3/5


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