Wednesday, June 28, 2017

REVIEW - The Chase - Vanessa Fewings

TITLE - The Chase

AUTHOR - Vanessa Fewings


Don't miss The Chase, the first in a sizzling new romantic trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings and HQN Books.

Will she risk it all for a priceless desire?

A rising star in one of London's top art investigation firms, Zara Leighton's talent for seeing deep into paintings is in her blood. She's chosen to help track down Icon, an enigmatic international art thief whose heists are methodical, daring, baffling. To Zara the case is maddening—bordering on an obsession.

She finds distraction in the chiseled form of top-shelf client Tobias Wilder, a magnetic American billionaire who demands her expertise, her discretion—and her secrecy. Wilder doesn't ask questions. He gives orders. His gaze alone ignites her deepest fantasies. And his touch…

The sudden whirl of exclusive exhibitions and decadent parties that Wilder introduces her to is a potent aphrodisiac. But surrender soon becomes tinged with suspicion. Is Zara's tryst with Wilder the real thing…or just a convincing forgery?


Right then. I'm finished. Wow. 
So after a 6 month break from reading & reviewing, and of course the hideous black book funk, that I couldn't seem to break free from. I feel like this contemporary romance/suspense/erotica/hot-as-hell-read book that has broken the spell. I was so broken I couldn't seem to pick up old favourites, or trusty go-to authors. Nothing grabbed my attention, nothing stuck past the first chapter, and even though I'm about 3 weeks late to this release, (I even missed the ARC sign ups) I got there eventually. I had to, Vanessa Fewings is the creator of my favorite ever leading man, Cameron Cole. I had to see if the next Alpha male lead she created would in fact match up to him. 

To say I wasn't nervous about this new series would be a lie, I was really nervous. The Enthrall Sessions series tops my favourite erotic romance series, and my favourite ever leading Male. I honestly didn't think it could be topped, and was worried that I would be let down by anything that didn't have Cameron Cole in. Yes, silly I know. But anyone who has read that series will know Cameron Cole can't be topped, *ahem* quite literally actually. *sniggers* Anyway, I'm rambling. The point being I was quite intrigued but at the same time nervous. 

So our story takes place in the world of Art. Something new for me in books. The beauty, the obsession, the crazy rich and the extent to which some will go to covet what they desire. Actually quite similar to The Enthrall sessions in that regard. Zara Leighton lives art. She has grown up knowing the greatest, and has found love for her favourites. She went on to become an expert in the field, and is finally getting to put her talents to the test. She is working for one of London's best Art Investigation firms, and is spending her time surrounded by what she loves. With the added bonus of getting to help chase down the enigma that is Icon. An international art thief who seems to be able to get into anywhere, take what he wants, and walk back out without a single trace. 

Whilst working on the case, Zara finds herself meeting some of the most richest clients, and some want her area of expertise at whatever cost it takes. This is where we meet Tobias. Now if anyone could actually work their way towards Cameron Coles' pedestal in the Book Gods records, Tobias is doing a damn good job of trying. He's hotter than fire, and commands every page he enters. The chemistry between Zara and Tobias is actually so hot it's embarrassing reading those parts in public. In fact I really wouldn't bother. Private reading all the way there. 

So to sum up the Chase without actually giving anything away. Well it has a fantastic backdrop to the story, I'm now in love with the Art world just from the taster I have from this book. The sheer beauty that comes from the words paints an incredible vision. The story is incredibly addictive. Not only are the main characters on fire, but the suspense running under their relationship is enough to keep you on edge throughout. You may think you have summed up what is going on, but it's definitely not that straightforward, and the curves thrown throughout are pretty intense!! I don't really need to comment on the writing style of this book as I am a HUGE Vanessa Fewings fan, and she NEVER disappoints. Her style is spot on. Beautiful, gripping and sheer reading addiction. I can't really explain how much her writing manages to pull you in, you have to read for yourself and experience it. You won't be disappointed. 

100% Loving this world and story, and actually glad I only have to wait until August for next installment, as I badly need more Zara and Tobias!! 5 Huge stars. 

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