Tuesday, June 27, 2017

REVIEW - True to You - Jodi Watters

TITLE - True to You
AUTHOR - Jodi Watters


Some people said that love and hate couldn't coexist. That such polarizing emotions could never be assigned to one singular thing at the same time. That much like roller coasters or Brussels sprouts, you either felt love or you felt hate, but never both. Common ground was nowhere to be found, forcing a person to pick a side.

Olivia Quinn would tell those people they'd never met Asher Coleson.

Never met him. Never touched him. Never loved him.

And never hated him.

Asher Coleson hadn't always lived his life from the outside looking in. That neat little trick of the mind started somewhere around four years ago. Right about the time he'd gone to sleep one night living the American dream, and woken up the next morning in his own private nightmare.

Considering he was a front-lines defender of that American dream, it was irony at its best.

But that didn't change his life story.

Magic to tragic, in less time than it took paint to dry.


"True love prevails, 5 stars"

First off let me say that Jodi is a new to me author. I had never heard of her but the cover drew me in and the blurb sealed the deal. When I read True To You I fell into the story, I was submerged and there was no stopping until the end. I absolutely loved it. 

This story has a small military aspect to it that hits so close to home for me, because my husband is military that I got it. I straight up understood where Olivia came from at times. It was beautiful, heartbreaking, yet proved that in the end if you're willing to work for it true love will win.

Olivia is a true southern girl. Shortly after getting to California she meets Ash, her bosses son. It is the definition of a fast past romance. They spend more time apart then they do together (which totally hits home to me, the first couple of years with my husband was similar) yet they work. Ash and Olivia experience a loss that I would never wish upon another. It destroys them, Olivia is filled with hate and contempt. When your husband lives for his job and you feel like your second fiddle I can see where leaving would be easy, but does she really leave?

Ash is the definition of an elite soldier. He has a wife that he sees when he's rarely stateside and for him life is good. But when tragedy strikes sometimes the fixer can't really fix anything. He spends years paying what he feels like is his penance. But what happens when your penance is up? Do you get the happily ever after?

I fell and I fell hard for Ash and Liv.  Maybe it was because I know people who have went through something similar but I was rooting for them hard. Once I started True To You I couldn't stop. I was sucked in and invested. I want to go back and read the stories that come before this one, heck I plan on following the series through because I became invested in the rest of the group. The story was so real to me that I wanted to cry when they cried and shout when they shouted. It was completely captivating to me and I would recommend this story to someone looking for a feels all book. 

Here are a couple quotes that stuck to me during True To You;

11: 06 a.m. I love the way you touch me after a deployment. Insistent, but gentle. Like I’m fine glassware you covet, but are afraid to use.

“I sorta have a thing for you, and it won’t go away. You set the bar. No other man will ever measure up. Some think they can. One or two wanna try. But it doesn’t matter what they do or how well they do it. They can’t be you.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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