Monday, June 19, 2017

REVIEW - New Moon - Lisa Kessler

TITLE - New Moon
AUTHOR - Lisa Kessler


Sometimes Fate plays dirty... 

Jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino is an enigma. He lives alone, works alone, and will die alone. But the night he’s attacked by a female werewolf, nothing will ever be the same. And when his young niece is kidnapped, Sebastian, the deadliest assassin Nero has ever produced, will be forced to choose a side...

Isabelle Wood has never taken the easy path. As a bounty hunter and now a bitten werewolf without a mate, she’s searching for answers to her father’s disappearance while helping to lead an Alphaless Pack. The night she gets the opportunity to take out their enemy, with her blade at his throat, her wolf discovers her mate in the last person she can be with.


What a wonderful paranormal romance novel! I really enjoyed New Moon. The story is very well written with characters you want to invest in. I loved the mystery, action, and romance throughout the story. This is a standalone novel as I read it without never having read anything else by this author. With that being said, there are characters and events that I feel had their own book. While it did not take away from the book, it did make me want to go read those other books.

The plot of this story is one that caught my attention. Sebastian is a cold hearted killer. An assassin for his father. Isabelle is trying to save her wolf pack. When she meets Sebastian she plans to kill him, but something wicked happens instead. The main theme I feel is redemption and trust. Seriously an amazing plot written very well. I loved all the action and reluctance in this story.

The characters were written just as well as the plot. Sebastian is a wonderful character. He was raised to be the way he is. On one hand, he wants to follow orders, while on the other hand he wants to escape the situation that he is in. Then you have Isabelle. She has her own issues. She feels she cannot trust anyone. At points she cannot even trust herself. Both of these characters have a lot of self-reflection to do to see if they can become better than what they are or follow down the same path they have been following.

The heat in this book is palpable. While there is a lot of action and violence in this book, there is also plenty of moments where the author slows it down and shows us the budding attraction between the two main characters.  There seems to be an instant romance, but don’t let that deter you. Not everything is always as it seems. The author has a slow build up to bring the characters to where they need to be.

The writing style of this author is easy to read. The book is set in a modern day America, so it is easily understandable. The pace is steady with a lot of action and build up. The climax of the book is just what the story needs. Honestly, I could not find anything about this book I didn’t enjoy.

Overall, this was a wonderful paranormal shifter novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the action and romance included. I do plan to go and find more books by this author and hopefully get to read more about some of the minor characters and events mentioned in this book. I would recommend this book to others. Amazing job!

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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