Monday, January 29, 2018

REVIEW - The Upside to Being Single - Emma Hart

TITLE - The Upside to Being Single
AUTHOR - Emma Hart

Released Jan 30th


If anyone asks, I knew better than to flash my boobs for Mardi Gras beads. 

I still don’t know why I did it. 
Maybe it was the dare from my two best friends. 
Maybe it was the guys on the balcony saying they’d throw Fireball shots with the beads. 
Or maybe it was the quiet guy in the corner of that same balcony with piercing gray eyes, wavy dark hair, and a smile so tempting I wanted to climb up there and lick it off his face. 
Maybe it was because I never thought I’d see them again. 
Not that it matters. Not today. 
Because the hotel I manage was finally bought—and the guy who walks in and introduces himself as my new boss is Mr. Tall, Dark, and Silent. 

There are many upsides to being single. 
Your new boss knowing what your boobs look like? 
Not one of them.

(THE UPSIDE TO BEING SINGLE is a standalone, romantic comedy from the author who brought you MISS FIX-IT and BEING BROOKE.)

Johnaka's Review:

“Comical and so true, 5 stars”

In The Upside to Being Single Hart has a way with words more so than she usually does. I was laughing so hard because in this book she speaks the truth that all women feel at one point but never want to verbalize.  It’s a straight up comedy and the heroine Mellie is a hot mess in the best of ways. If I had to pick one thing to change that would be for there to be more. But guess what! I have a feeling Mellie’s two friend’s stories will be just as funny!
Mellie runs a hotel that was recently sold. No one knows what that means for them. So, on her one night out before the new owners come she decides to do something spontaneous thanks to a dare. I mean its Marti Gras who would have thought she was going to be flashing her new boss?
Jake is possibly one of the happiest hero’s I have ever read. The dude is constantly smiling and accepts Mellie the way she is. These two fall hard and fast, but its more of a Happily Right Now kind of ending because of the time frame in the story. Which I usually hate but it works for this story.
If you need a good laugh then serious scroll up and one click, you won’t regret it.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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