Monday, January 13, 2020

Release + Review - Love Bitten - Sabrina C. Rose

What happens when she destroys a vampire’s prized possession? He wants revenge… in every delicious way he can think of.


It was official. Karma had a vendetta against her.

The latest? Two scantily clad women were making their way up to her fiancĂ©’s office in the middle of the night. On their anniversary.

If karma was too stubborn to do anything about it, she'd take matters into her own hands. And her revenge came in the form of a metal bat against her fiancĂ©’s shiny new car.

Only, karma was plotting against her. It wasn't his car that she'd smashed into oblivion. It belonged to someone else. Someone whose dark emerald green eyes, livid face, and fierce stare left her breathless and quaking from more than just fear.


She should have come issued with a warning. Danger. Caution. Something.

Hell, he even missed the red flag when she'd smashed his car to pieces. But the way she gripped the rod between her fingers had him imagining her fingers digging into him while he drank her blood and pounded her into the sheets.
And the way her doe innocent eyes widened and full pouty lips gasped like she could read every filthy thought in his mind, only revved the beast inside of him.

Dive into this heart stopping fan-favorite today!

Jennifer's review 

An enjoyable paranormal read. Let me preface this by saying I usually avoid vampire books. However, the blurb to this one jumped right out at me and said read me. Kudos to the author for writing a great blurb. I'm happy to report that the book did not disappoint. 

The plot of the book was great. I laughed many times while reading it. I liked the unique take on the storyline. I really liked Erica. She had a backbone, which is important to me. I enjoyed the writing style and the way the author brought me into this new world. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I cannot wait to check this new to me author our and see what other hidden gems she has. 

Ratings Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

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Julius’s face burned hot as he took in the scene in front of him. He tried to breathe through it, but the beast inside of him rose higher to the surface with every inhale. His canine fangs elongated and sharpened. Two stupid humans were destroying his brand new, top of the line, custom designed car with pristine leather seats so soft that every baby butt in the alter realm would weep in shame.
He was going to kill them.
Calm, brother. Evan’s mutinous voice squeezed between his thoughts of breaking one girl in half before draining the other.
Stop reading my mind. Julius seethed.
Your fangs are down.
He forced them to recede as he closed the distance between them.
“What are you doing?” Julius roared. The sudden sound sent them both jolting up right.
A sharp gasp escaped one as she whipped around, dropping the bat in her hands with a clink at her feet. Her heart beat like a battering ram inside her chest. Its quick pace formed a hypnotic beat that revved the beast inside of him. Her blood pumped up her neck and settled in her cheeks, making him wet his lips in hunger. He wondered what she tasted like. His fangs threatened to drop again.
Julius, you need to think of something else.
Get out of my head.
Focus on something else. You’re losing it.
Evan’s words flitted from his mind as his gaze reluctantly travelled from her throat to her face.
The universe blinked. Everything peeled away, then refocused solely on her. She. Was. Gorgeous.
Her face was so striking. Round, innocent cheeks, big doe eyes, and near perfect symmetry. He wanted to study her for an eternity. Her hazel eyes were wild with emotion. When they found his, a jolt of electricity shot straight to his groin.
Julius sucked in a slow breath as his gaze trailed down the length of her. Golden wavy hair fell down to the small of her back, while fuck-me curves and legs that belonged tightly wrapped around his waist called to him. One singular thought repeated in his mind: Claim her.
"Love this! Julius is hotter than August in Texas! Erica is just adorable..." - Patti
"Loving the story so far..." - Diana

"This will have readers hooked and coming back for more. I know I certainly want to." - Nikki

Wow, just wow! I thought I didn’t really like vampire books. Boy was I wrong. – Anne-Marie

“YES! I love this story…. curious about Gustav, Damian…. and all the other brothers!” – Lisa Brin 

“OMG ..I’m loving this!! I’ve just finished chapter 10 and can’t wait for the next!! Yikes! Thanks…” – Rebecca S.
Sabrina C Rose lives in the dry heat of Arizona, where she spends her days retreating from the sun and her nights cooking up fairy tales that include oodles of paranormal goodness.
When she’s not plotting against the vampire king, she’s kicking back and watching all the Netflix. Current line-up: Agents of Shield, the Originals, Sense8, and Stranger Things.
Ask her why Eric Northman is one of the greatest vampire boyfriends ever created and you may unearth the secrets to the universe (no promises, though).

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