Friday, September 9, 2016

REVIEW - Distractions - Tania Joyce

TITLE - Distractions

AUTHOR - Tania Joyce


I was supposed to be studying but then Cameron walked through the door! 

I gently nudged my arm against his. I jolted back in surprise as a hot, thrilling, tingling sensation ran up my arm when my bare skin brushed against his… Did he feel that sensation too? How does that happen from touching someone? 

University student, Wiley Cayton’s world turns upside down when she meets college newcomer Cameron Wilks. With his irresistible good looks, he seems to be nothing but a party-boy and a constant distraction. But is there more to the hottest guy on campus? 

Even when Wiley finds out about Cameron’s troubled past, she’s determined to keep her distance and her previously shattered heart protected. But with him studying the same degree and falling in with her group of friends, she’s drawn to him in unexplainable, illogical ways. How can one’s heart overrule one’s mind? Inevitably she falls for his charismatic charm and her insecurities take hold. Her life spirals out of control and she struggles to find balance between partying, sex and maintaining her scholarship grades. 

With her future at risk, her family battle to keep her and Cameron apart, but that only weaves their relationship tighter together. When a college prank goes horribly wrong – threads snap, and just when she needs him most, Cameron disappears. Is their tumultuous romance meant to be or is it just a temporary distraction?


Distractions is about a college student named Wilhelmina Cayton who goes by Wiley. She has a best friend named Kelly Harp who also attends USQ (University of Southern Queensland). Wiley is focused on doing her best and keeping her grades up since she is on a scholarship. She doesn’t want any distractions,that means no boyfriends. A mystery guy looked at Wiley and her heart skipped a beat. That guy is Cameron Wilks. Will Cameron be a distraction to Wiley or will college life be? You’ll have to find out to read it. 

Tania Joyce keeps you wanting more. I really like her books and how right from the beginning, middle to the end is easy reading. The writing just captures you into the story and it feels like you are right there. 

Obviously, my favorite character is Cameron. He is such a romantic guy! His life changed when he met Wiley. Wiley is another favorite of mine I love her devotion to getting good grades and how she feels about Cameron. The chemistry between those two was really interesting to read about.

Parts of the story I liked:
When something happened to Wiley, Cameron was right there. 

“I thought talking to a friend would be better. That’s what I’d like to think you are. I don’t know what it is about you, Wiley, but something tells me I can trust you.”

“As he looked at me, a strange warmth settled around my heart. With no expectations other than friendship, something magical passed between us.”

“Yes it was scary. Someone’s stupid prank went horribly wrong and I’m lucky to be okay. When you go through something like that, it certainly puts things in perspective and you realize what’s important.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 4.5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing Style- 4.5/5
Overall rating- 4.5


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