Tuesday, September 20, 2016

REVIEW - Pierce My Heart by Kelsey Jensen

Pierce My Heart 
Kelsey Jensen


It all began with a choice...

Anna Pierce had, by all accounts, a blessed life. She grew up in a home full of laughter, love, and support. Where the biggest problem she faced (other than how to deal with her family's crazy antics) was deciding her plans for college. Little did she know the ugly path her choice would drag her down.

A choice that left her free-falling...

Fast forward five years. Her life still held that same laughter, love and support, but it was no longer full. A shadow hung overhead, waiting. Always threatening.

Until he caught her...

Jake Taylor stormed into her life and turned her world upside down. He made her feel things she'd hidden away from; made her face life again. But, most importantly, he helped her find the light. 

And gave her happily ever after...

My Thoughts

Pierce my Heart is a sweet coming into self kind of story. Anna the heroine doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to men. Coming out of a abusive relationship and having body image issues leave Anna feeling a little less than steller.
Jake knew who Anna was before she knew him. Needless to say he had the upper hand going into the game. He knew when he saw her that he had to have her and make Anna his. Jake is a patient man but how patient can he be?
This story is all about Anna finding her way back to loving herself and falling into love with Jake. They have plenty of obstacles to defeat before they can reach happily ever after. The question is will Anna be able to get out of her head long enough to get there? And when the relationship is tested will she try and jump ship instead of fighting?
Pierce my Heart is a sweet story and I felt like it hit all the emotions one experiences after being in a abusive relationship. There were times I felt like it was a little slow for me, but the secondary characters made up quite nicely for that. Anna’s family is a riot. What family Jake has is super tight. Put the two families together and they could cause all kind of fun havoc.
If you want a fun, easy, with a little sexy kind of story this could definitely be one for you. Here are two quotes I really enjoyed from the story:
“He already knew you were worth all that. Especially after finding out about your past and the challenges he might face, he still came rushing after you because he didn’t want you gone after knowing you one day, Anna. One day! All that tells me something’s gonna happen and that something will be good.”
“No man has ever, never ever, taken care of me the way he does. Never talked to me the way he does. Never held me the way he does. Never kissed me the way he does. Never touched me the way he does. Never looked at me the way he does.”
Plot- 4/5
Characters- 4/5
Heat- 3/5
Writing style- 3/5
Overall- 3/5

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