Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Release Blitz & Review - The Something About Her - Rachel Higginson

TITLE - The Something about Her
AUTHOR - Rachel Higginson


I quit life. Or at least my new job. 

My new, fancy, head chef position at one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city is not turning out like I’d hoped. I’m a mess. Totally out of my element and underqualified, I’ve been thrown into a fiery kitchen and I’m not sure I can handle the heat. 

On top of that, my personal life is falling apart. And to make matters worse, my best friend's brother keeps popping up at all my worst moments to save the day.

I’ve never claimed to have it together, but I certainly don’t need a man to rescue me every time I get my heel stuck in a sewer grate. Except that’s what keeps happening. 

Vann Delane is pushy and stuck up and thinks he knows everything there is to know about everything. And for whatever reason, he keeps saving me. 

Not that he’s happy about it. He’s made it clear what he thinks about my money and dream job and the designer shoes he saved last weekend. He’s not impressed with me and my penchant for disaster. 

I’ve decided to stay away from him. I’ve got too many other fires to put out to worry about the something between us that doesn’t have a name. 

So, he can give his knight in shining armor kindness to someone else. And he can save those intense glances and butterfly-inducing smiles for the nice girl he’s looking for. And he can deny it all he wants, but I know he likes me.

He says I drive him crazy. But I know there’s something about me that he can’t deny.


“the health nut and the chef, 4 stars”

Dillion is on the brink of insanity. Her new job? Not exactly how she pictured getting to where she wanted to be. She never thought her life would basically be complete chaos, but here she is killing it. Her personal life is non-existent unless you count her friends. But who likes being the third wheel? Or whatever wheel she technically is. Then Vann starts coming around more. Her friends brother starts to peel back her layers. Will she let him in?

Vann is a blunt, cycling, health nut. The complete opposite of Dillion and her foodie ways. But you know what they say about opposites, they attract. Will he break his habit of always going to good girls a break and give the complicated one a chance?

I genuinely liked Vann and Dillion, I liked them together. I liked how we got glimpses of other characters from the opposites attract books. The only piece of advice I have is, don’t go reading Something about Her when you're hungry. Because with this group food is always a huge part of the story.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-4/5

Teaser #1:

“We need you, Chef,” Blaze said. It was the first time he had addressed me as Chef and I was immediately floored by the weightiness of hearing that one word. Oh, my god, I was the boss. This was my restaurant. And damn did it feel good to hear someone call me Chef. “I’ll be right there,” I told Blaze. To Vann, I said, “Duty calls.” “Let me know if you fire anyone else today,” he teased. I laughed, unable to help myself. Who was this guy? “You’ll be the first to know.” “Bye, Dillon,” he murmured. My stomach flipped at the familiar way he said my name. “Bye, Vann.” I hung up the phone and dropped it inside my desk drawer. I had a kitchen to run. I couldn’t be thinking about Vann Delane and his surprisingly good advice. Or his shockingly cute butt. Slapping a hand over my mouth to hide my smile, I walked back to the kitchen, pushed up my sleeves and got to work.

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