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Release Blitz & Reviews - Charming as Puck - Pippa Grant

Title: Charming as Puck
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Sexy Romantic Comedy
 Release Date: February 1, 2019


The man could charm the panties off of a nun…

Nick Murphy. Hockey god. My best friend’s big brother. My friend-with-mindblowing-benefits.
The best thing to happen to my nether regions since my subscription to the toy
of the month club. The man I’ve been secretly in love with for years.

And total ass.

I am so done with him.

Except there’s one small problem.

Now that I’ve cut him off, his hockey game is in the toilet. He’s convinced I’m
his good luck charm, and he wants me back. But only for his game.

I’ll be strong. I will. I’ll resist.

Asses don’t change their stripes.

Or do they?

This plan would be so easy if the man wasn't Charming as Puck…

Charming as Puck is a romping fun romance between a hockey player and
his sister's best friend, complete with farm animals, over the top birthday
presents, and Berger Twin sightings. This romantic comedy stands alone with no
cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a pucking awesome happily ever


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Our Reviews:

Erin's Review:

Warning: do not read this book if you have sore stomach muscles (ie post stomach bug...or surgery), cough when you laugh, or pee when you cough. Because Pippa Grant has written a book that can turn a very foul mood into a lovely world filled with glitter and unicorns and puppies (cow-dogs?) and love and friends. Charming as Puck is a best friends/best friend's little sister book. Technically a stand alone book; but don't do the disservice of not reading all the books because you need to for a better life and better read.

If you've had the pleasure of reading Beauty and the Beefcake, you've been introduced to our main characters Nick and Kami. Kami is Nick's little sister's best friend; Nick is a handsome hockey player who has some very rough edges. They've been friends themselves for years, until 8 months ago they changed the relationship to include benefits. Their outrageous banter and antics made the book more than enjoyable and an absolute treat, as the two grew in their relationship.

We went into the book knowing Nick was a big brother who would stand up for his sister. But wouldn't hesitate to pull a good prank and have a good time. He was a main reason his whole team had to have “charm school” and mandatory volunteer hours. But despite the fuzzy logic and rocky choices he makes, he's a man who goes after what he wants with his whole self and has a very strong moral compass. Kami is the sweet, slightly younger than Nick, woman who has managed to always be there for him, keeping some of the minor details of his life in order. She's a great vet and good friend, and she wants more from their mutually beneficial arrangement. It was fantastic to watch them work through their struggles, whether self made or for the better of the new relationship. 

Heat is never a problem in a Pippa Grant book. We know from the blurb they've already had the benefits, and the love seems one sided. But it doesn't take long to experience that the “benefits” they share are smoking and make mine seem a bit lacking. Kami makes Nick work for the new benefits though, and whoa, hello hot flashes! :)

I read this whole book in less than 4 hours, start to finish, in one sitting. So yes, it reads fast, but in the most delightful way. Ms. Grant made me laugh, cry, snort, and nearly pee my pants. All while rooting for Kami and Nick, enjoying seeing the Berger twins again, and wishing I had more pets and better friends.

This is an amazing feel good book. The characters have absurd yet fantastic friends and family, antics to keep you on your toes, and emotions that run the gamut of hope, joy, despair and end in only the way hockey romance can. Can't recommend this book and author enough. 

Favorite Quotes:

“Your genome sequence is incomplete.” “She just called you a Neanderthal, in nerd.”

“Oh my god, your mother saw my vagina,” she moans “Probably not,” I say. “ I mean, my head was in the way.” “That's not any better.”

“I'm supposed to talk to you about where babies come from. Your mother says you were doing it wrong.”

“They said charm school wouldn't work on me. Those fuckers were wrong.”

“There's nothing better in all the world than the sight of Kami laughing. She's cookies and cream ice cream on triple fudge caramel brownies. She's winning the Cup all over again every hour of my life. She's the only person in the world I'd trust with my heart.”

“There are so many better gifts than marriage and dream houses with room for cow-dogs.”

Star Ratings:

Plot = 5/5 
Characters = 5/5 
Heat = 5/5 
Writing Style = 5/5 
Overall Rating = 5/5

Johnaka's Review:

“A witty rom-com, 5 stars”

Kami has wanted her best friends brother for..well ever. They have developed this friend’s with benefits relationship. Kami usually defends Nick and his forgetful ways but she’s finally sick of it and ends it. Will he be able to convince her to give him a second chance? 

Nick likes the way his life is. He is killing his game, he has great friends and family, and he has Kami to keep him in line. Until he doesn’t. When he realizes his mistake, he tries to correct is wrong. In his race to get Kami back before his game goes to complete poop, he comes to some conclusions he never saw coming. 

Charming as Puck is the kind of story I expect from Grant. It’s laugh out loud worthy full of crazy unbelievable antics. The pranks are off the wall. Every single character that pops up in Charming as Puck has a purpose and just adds to the story. Whatever you do don’t read Charming as Puck in bed while someone is sleeping next to you because chances are you will wake them with your laughter. Go one-click now.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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Author Bio

Pippa Grant is a stay-at-home mom and housewife who loves to
escape into sexy, funny stories way more than she likes perpetually cleaning
toothpaste out of sinks and off toilet handles. When she’s not reading,
writing, sleeping, or trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be
productive members of society, she’s fantasizing about chocolate chip cookies.

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