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Release Blitz & Reviews - Confessions From A One Night Stand - Piper Rayne

By Piper Rayne
Release Day – Feb 7th

If you find yourself having banged your new boss—the principal—in the back of your Jeep one drunken night, here’s a few takeaways based on my experience...

Lesson One: Always get her FULL name.
Lesson Two: Consider asking what she does for a living.
Lesson Three:  Find out why she’s moved to town. Get details. Details are crucial.
Lesson Four: Don’t alter her bio in front of an auditorium of high school students unless you know she has a sense of humor for that sort of thing.
Lesson Five: If you ignore Lesson Four, apologize instead of flirt when you’re sent to the principal’s office.
Lesson Six: NEVER sleep with her again.
Lesson Seven: Pay attention to this one—it’s the most important of them all.
             Don’t fall for your one-night stand.

Class dismissed.


Our Reviews:

Going into this book I did not realise that Piper & Rayne had set up 9 books in the Bailey’s series and I tell you what I am so excited! I am a huge fan of these 2 and I have no doubt that they will smash this series out of the park. Their style of writing is seamless and each detail has been planned to perfection.

Leaving his dreams behind Austin returns home to pick up the pieces of his broken family, when he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, he is face to face with his one-night stand and she doesn’t look impressed at all. Trying to save face Holly puts up her defences and tries to hold off Austin, remembering why she came to town and her goal. Trying to navigate Lake Starlight with the Buzz Wheel publishing everything you do is not an easy task, especially when your trying to sneak around. Austin makes a decision to chase his dreams but when it comes down to it, are they still the same as they were before Holly waltzed into town?

I loved these characters and while their lack being able to sort themselves out frustrated me, they delivered a great story. They have set up the other siblings for a great series and I can only hope that one of those include Holly’s BFF Dana.

I personally loved this story and cannot wait for the next instalment; Advice from a Jilted Bride.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

“Holy Austin Bailey, 5 stars”

Holly moved to Alaska with one thing in mind. She took a temporary job and plans on only staying for a couple months. What she didn’t expect was Austin. He made her want and do things she had never considered. Will she let him in?
Austin is considered a saint in his small town, so when Holly knows nothing about who he is he finds it refreshing. In some ways his life has been on hold for a while but now his freedom is near. But Holly makes him want things he’s never wanted before. Some say dreams change with time, has his? Will Austin follow his heart, or will he hold onto his past dreams?
Dear lord did I fall in love with the Baileys and their little town! Holly and Austin were combustive and balanced each other perfectly. She saw him as a man and not just a man who swooped in and kept his family and town together after a tragic loss. Each and every character who made an appearance in Lessons from a One-Night Stand brought something to the table. I cannot wait to see where these ladies go with the series, but I can tell you it has all the making to become my favorite series of theirs.
Go one-click, you won’t regret it.
Writing style-5/5


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