Saturday, February 16, 2019

NEW REVIEW - Of Crowns and Thrones Anthology

For a limited time, grab this anthology including eight new and exclusive fantasy standalones from bestselling authors. 

Thorns and Crowns

Not every princess is destined for a happily ever after. Some must suffer, rise and rule.
Before she was the cold, calculating unseelie queen, Shea was a young woman, once awoken in the middle of the night by guards, daggers in hands. Betrayed by her father, she’s forced to make her own way, and carve her destiny.


All of my expectations shattered the day my sister fell and my magîk changed.
Zîvrüne, the magi prince I’d loved since childhood, didn’t become king. My sister didn’t heal the land. The two of them didn’t become bondmates.
And I discovered family doesn’t mean fidelity, devotion definitely requires sacrifice, and love obeys no rules or laws—regardless of nature or magîk.

Thief of Dreams

Steal a magical relic from a dangerous fae prince? Easy. Escape without losing her heart? Zemira's about to discover why you should never underestimate the fae.
The Proving

Fay only ever dreamed of becoming a full-fledged Unseelie--but some dreams cost more than you might think.

The First Queen of the Gryphons

Hillalum, a gryphon of royal blood, is the first of his kind capable of taking on human form.

When his goddess orders him to watch over a human shepherdess, he thinks he’ll find the sheep more interesting than the woman until he learns Amata is much more than a simple herder.


Margaret Thoning walks away from everything she’s ever known to risk her heart and her life in a fight against a hidden foe determined to bring the kingdom of Drisdall to its knees.

The Dreamer

Kieran can walk away from everything he's ever known... Except for her.


Lorelei must face monsters and darkness in the depths of the Citadel of Night in order to claim the legacy of a legendary bard. She soon discovers that she's not the only one searching the ruins and that an ancient evil threatens to be awakened.

Our Review:

Whoa! What an amazing anthology! If you like fantasy with a bit of romance, then pick up this anthology and get to now these authors.
Thorns and Crowns has a fairytale feel to it. This book is about the fae so if you like books about them, then this one will be good for you. I really enjoyed the plot of this one. It intrigued me and kept me interested until the end.
Fallen is all about magic or as the author spells it magik. What happens when the life you thought you were going to lead changes? This story explores that. I really enjoyed the characters in this story. They were dynamic and had me really invested in them. This is a world I could see myself spending more time in.
Thief of Dreams was the most interesting of the stories I read in this anthology. I mean you have the whole royal aspect to it, but you also have the bride aspect to. When a prince is looking for a bride, why wouldn’t that attract some unsavory types? Add in a thief blackmailed into vying for the hand of the prince and you have a dynamic story sure to kept you guessing.
Disowned is a prequel story to a new series from this author. This book is interesting because it questions our view on the world. While it is set in fantasy, I really liked how the author used this world to show the shallowness of the world we currently live in. Take out the fantasy and the difference in times, the moral is still the same. Many people live their lives as shallow people only worried about those who match what they view as important.
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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