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Enthrall Audio Book - Vanessa Fewings - Book Tour!!


Title: Enthrall 
Series: Enthrall Sessions Book One 
Author: Vanessa Fewings 
Genre: Erotica

Release Date: August 16, 2013    

Mia Lauren is a single, twenty-one-year old working in a West Hollywood art store who dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer. When an unexpected offer arises to work at Enthrall, L.A.'s premier fetish club for the wealthy, Mia accepts. It's a salary beyond her wildest imagination.
Mia becomes the secretary to the club's assistant director, blond and broody Richard Booth. Richard is not only one of L.A.'s most beautiful and wealthiest men, he is also the club's senior dominant. Mia is both drawn and terrified when he reveals flashes of his white-hot passion, threatening an unbound pleasure like no other. She knows her attraction may be her undoing, but the spellbinding feelings render her powerless to resist his advances.
What Mia cannot know is that Enthrall's dashing director, thirty-year-old Cameron Cole, who is also the club's psychiatrist, has lured Mia to save his best friend and patient Richard from his obsession with thrill seeking. Cameron masterfully sets up sexy scenarios to ensure the collision of Richard and Mia, hoping that love will save him.
However, despite Cameron's noble intentions, he also finds himself enticed by Mia's haunting innocence. Passion and pleasure stir, forming a dangerous love triangle.
This is the world of the forbidden. This is the embrace of Enthrall.

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Please note the audio clip is intended for mature audiences over 21.

Enthrall Him - Audiobook 

Abra Neville Interview: 

What led you to a career in voice acting?
I've always loved acting - specifically creating different characters, moods and situations with just my voice. As a child I used to spend hours playing with recordings pretending I was interviewing a group of people and doing the voice for all the characters. I studied acting in college and professionally as well but found that stage and screen acting wasn't as interesting - plus I have crippling stage fright! After college I got a job in broadcasting and the voice work just fell into place from there. 

Tell us a little about your other voiceover work? (You don’t have to answer this one if you want to remain anonymous) J
As with others in the business, my work is a mixture of audiobook recordings, TV and Film Documentary narration, commercials, video games, etc. Lately though, I seem to be doing more audiobooks and documentary narration. 

What is your process before narrating a novel? Do you read the novel first or just record as you go?
I know that many narrators will read the material through and make notes as they go. I tend to have a more unorthodox approach in that I just record a chapter at a time without reading ahead. This makes the process slightly more time consuming but by doing this I feel like I'm better able to capture the mood of a particular scene more authentically because I'm experiencing it as a unique event - the way the character would. In some novels where the plot isn't linear, I will read ahead because the tone might need to be more reflective - but generally I just record as I go. 

While narrating Enthrall, what was it about Mia Lauren that you found most interesting?
Wow.... let's see.... I think the most interesting aspect of Mia is her odd balance of innocence and brass. She's been very sheltered in many respects which makes her soft and impressionable - but on the other hand she surprises you with her gutsy comments and unexpected shows of strength when she stands up to others. She's certainly not one dimensional :) 

This genre is similar to Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James, The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, as well as This Man Series by Jodi Ellen Mapas. What was it like reading the erotic scenes?
Funny. I'm asked this all the time! Reading the erotic scenes is exactly what you'd think - it's arousing - but because I'm reading out loud ... acting - I have to stay grounded enough to give the words the life they have behind them. Basically though I try to feel exactly what Mia is feeling but more on an emotional level. 

With Vanessa still writing the third novel Enthrall Him, and the conclusion to the series still unknown while you were narrating Enthrall, how did you decide that this project was for you?
Vanessa has a bunch of very well written and successful works so I felt it was safe to assume that the Enthrall series would be as successful if not more so. 

Vanessa Fewings’s Interview:

How did you find the right voice actress to narrate the Enthrall Session?

I had the pleasure of listening to the auditions for my character Mia Lauren, submitted via ACX (Amazon’s Audible Creation Exchange). There were some fantastic takes on Mia, but Abra Neville stood out as not only the best fit but her other work was extraordinary. Her audition blew us away, and we immediately asked if she’d be willing to narrate all three books in the series. We were thrilled when Abra signed on. 

What was it like hearing your character’s voice for the first time?
Mesmerizing. It gave me chills. It was a delight to hear Abra bring out all of Mia’s cute traits and feistiness. Abra really gets Mia Lauren, so much so, that sometimes while writing Enthrall Him I could hear Abra’s voice. Which was kind of fun. She leant her talent and passion, and it really comes through. 

Although you’ve written in other genres, your Enthrall Sessions Series has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James, The Crossfire Series, by Sylvia Day, as well as This Man Series by Jodi Ellen Mapas, so with that in mind your work is erotic. How did Abra handle the sexy scenes?
In order for great sex scenes to work, they must have the characters transcend the physical. Erotic scenes are deserving of a natural and poetic verse, and Abra reads those scenes beautifully. 

When will the audiobook of Enthrall be released?
Saturday, November 1st, 2014. With Enthrall Her following over the Holiday Season, and Enthrall Him coming out in early February.
I’m so looking forward to hearing the other two books narrated in the series. I’m thrilled that many of my readers who have enjoyed the books have stated they’ll be enjoying the audio versions too, so they can revisit the world of Enthrall and Chrysalis all over again.
Be sure to check out Vanessa’s other books, the acclaimed Stone Masters Vampires Series, and her romantic comedy Piper Day’s Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney

Chandeliers are featured in the cover art. There’s been quite a lot of buzz for the Enthrall Sessions over the use of this imagery. What is about chandeliers that fit the story so well?
Chandeliers perfectly represent the Enthrall Sessions Series. There was a lot of research before publication on what would best reflect the books. To me, they perfectly represented the luxury, decadence, and sophistication of Enthrall and Chrysalis, two underground establishments that cater to the sensual tastes of the elite.

About the Author

Vanessa Fewings

 Vanessa Fewings is the award-winning author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. The fourth installment in the series, Bohemian, was released in October. Vanessa is currently writing book two in her erotic novel Enthrall trilogy.

Piper Day's Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney is her latest novel. Co-written with Author Christina Cannarella, their fresh and laugh out loud romantic comedy has already garnered a buzz of excitement from readers around the world.
Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.
Vanessa Fewings is repped by management firm IPG.

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