Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review - Finding Judgement (Centre Games #2) - Natalie Gayle


I love the originality of this series. Finding Trust wasn't a one hit wonder. Finding Judgement has proved that this series is going to be amazing.

When I read the first book, with Brayden and Rihanna. I was blown away by how original and entertaining the story was. The characters were addictive and the action was totally non stop.

Again, that same clever background is present in Finding Judgement. It's the loveable rogue, Rory this time. With his constant banter and adorable personality, plus the gorgeous surfer boy look, he is addictive. The lady that has caught his eye, is TJ. A feisty and stunning little thing, that Rory decides the name Pixie suits her perfectly.

After a bad accident took her father and eldest brother, Tj is left to take the reigns of the family haulage business. Yet things are looking bad for the company and TJ is determined to hold on to it, as tight as she can. When someone has it in for TJ and the business, Rory, luckily is there to help out.

What starts as Rory chasing TJ, when she is in no place to date. Rory is determined to make her see sense, and see just how great they could be, together. I love the banter from Rory and the funny lines, he perfectly delivers. TJ is headstrong but selfless. Yet she knows Rory is different and she can't deny the huge attraction she feels towards Rory.

Like I said, this story easily lives up to the first in this series. It's just as entertaining, the suspense and shock factor is excellent again. Plus the characters keep getting better.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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