Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review - Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love Novel) - Mia Sheridan

Love, Love, Loved this book. I had been meaning to read this for absolutely ages, after all the endless fantastic reviews.
I finally got time to read a book of my choice and this was top of my list. I was not disappointed, everybody had it spot on.
This is a unique, and beautiful love story that you just can't help but sit and sigh at.
I went from tears, to sighing constantly.
Archer is such a unique and beautiful person, there needs to be more men like him around.
Bree and Archer have both gone through some huge and traumatic events throughout time, and have somehow like fate has intervened, they find each other.
Bree moves to a new town, when she needs a fresh start. She comes across a quiet a beautiful place called Pelion, and starts to make a new life for herself. It's there that she happens across Archer, the silent and brooding man, that nobody talks to or seems to see, yet the locals are quick to tell his story behind his back.
Bree ignores gossips and tries to strike up a friendship with recluse Archer. What comes from this is a friendship, quite unconventional but sweet and tender. I loved every stage of their story and didn't want the story to end.
There is some very emotional scenes throughout this book and I found myself with some severe eye leakage quite often. Yet all that was what made this book so perfect. The downs were fully made up for with the overwhelming ups.
The characters and story were absolutely perfect, making this one of those books that will stay with you for a very long time. Of course what also makes this such an amazing book, is the fact that Mia Sheridan writes flawlessly. After reading Becoming Calder and Finding Eden first, I was already a huge fan, but it just showed that this is what she does, extremely well. Another story that captivated and wowed me. Hugely and highly recommended.

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