Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review - Whatever You Do (Try Again, #2) - Stephanie Smith

Tate Washington *sigh* Where on earth do I start, trying to form sensible comments on Tate Washington is hard. Big time hard.
Anyway, focus Louise. Whatever You Do is book 2 in the Try Again series, book 1 was Saxon and Brooke's story and I totally loved it. I didn't think, after reading Wherever You Will Go that it could get much better. I was so wrong.

This time, the story follows Harper, the bubbly, sexy receptionist who worked with Brooke and Saxon. She was sweet and funny and I absolutely knew her story would be crazy entertaining.

Harper seems to be having full on, crappy luck. From job fails, to huge boyfriend fail, all in the space of one day. This called for a change, something new and different. She decides to try internet dating!
So begins the most hilarious yet shocking visual of internet dating at it's very worst. I was in hysterics following poor Harper's lousy excuse for dates. Some of the very worst specimens seemed to be lining up for coffee with Harper, and it was all seen by Tate. Tate is what should be known as the 'Coffee shop god'. He is perfection in Male genes, and covered in ink, which helps masses. Did I mention he is totally loaded but doesn't show off about it. Yup, perfect.

Tate owns the coffee shop that Harper meets all her dates at, so he gets to watch along with all the disasters.
Although Tate has made it more than obvious he would happily take Harper out, she is determined to find herself a man who wants something more than fun. Yet this doesn't seem to stop the huge amount of sizzling, chemistry between them.

Tate’s jaw tightens as he sits eerily still and just stares at me. So still I can see the muscle in his jaw tick and the pulse in his neck throbbing.
My eyes begin travelling and I can’t help but appreciate the site in front of me. Butterflies begin to stir low in my belly and I feel warmth moving up my cheeks. Great, another completely inappropriate crush for me to harbour.
No matter what I can’t let anything happen with Tate Washington.

Harper is convinced Tate wants nothing more than a fling with her, she is totally wrong. It's obvious Tate likes Harper a lot, and is determined to show her.

Tightening my hold around Harper’s waist I pull her closer against me. Her body is tense in my arms and even though I’m happy that I affect her, I’m not happy with how. I want her to feel comfortable with me. To melt when she’s in my arms. Turn to liquid and trust I’ll hold her up.

From snort giggles, to blushing squirming, to huge sighing, this book takes you through stupid amounts of emotions. I loved the characters, and how Harper is so normal and down to earth. She is gorgeous, but doesn't know it. She has insecurities like anyone else, and is so unbelievably sweet but not in a tacky and irritating, over done way.
Tate is.. well a coffee shop god, what more can I say? But, he is not only gorgeous but a really great character. Believable and honest. Stupidly sweet to Harper, which makes me strangely jealous that I don't have a Tate of my own, to tuck in my pocket. Too weird? Oh and also to top it off, he has a growling alpha side that comes out from time to time. Perfect!!!

I fell in love with Stephanie Smith's writing in Wherever you will go, and it only got better in Whatever you do. She is fast becoming one of those author's, that you know you will love anything that they write. Steph brings out all the best aspects in her books, but makes them bigger and better the next time around. I don't think I'll forget the scripture show down in a hurry. Stupidly entertaining!!

There most definitely was not a dull moment in Whatever you do. It was full on incredible scenes, panty wetting humor, and characters that stick in your mind for a long time. I can't wait for whatever Stephanie Smith brings out next.
Hugely recommended. Sigh-worthy romance, with smoking hot scenes, and a huge dose of the funnies. 5 massive stars!!

Butterflies erupt in my belly as he stalks towards me. The excitement, nervousness and anxiousness all flow together to create the perfect high. I step backwards into the wall as Tate cages me in with his hands pressed to the wall either side of my head.

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