Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Book Haul

So, I don't normally blog about the books that I buy or have received, but I've gotten quite a few new ones lately, and I love seeing what others get, so I thought I would start posting mine.

Okay, so as I've not done this before I'll do a roundup of the books that I have from the end of November, through December until now. So it's a little bit longer than a month, but it's my first book haul post, so it's allowed. :)

Pic 1

So, in Pic 1 is books I purchased from xmas vouchers. An odd mix up but my 2 local book shops only sell a small range of books I like, so I went with some I had been meaning to get for a while. :) No idea how anybody can read the City of Heavenly Fire book, as it's massive and could probably deaden anybodies arms after 1 chapter. But I love that series and badly needed the last in the series.

Pic 2

Pic 2: This is an Amazon order of some of my absolute favorites. They all look and feel gorgeous! :)

 Pic 3

Pic 3: This is the Songs of Dominance series by C.D. Reiss that I badly wanted on pb for ages.

Pic 4

 Pic 4: The first book in this amazing series, I bought for myself when I purchased the books in Pic 3, and the other 3 books in the series were bought as a present for me, for my bday & xmas present from a friend. I love this series!

 Pic 5:

Pic 5: I won this signed copy of the last book in the Enthrall Sessions series. One of my faves, and also one I was mentioned in the acknowledgments. :)

Pic 6:

Pic 6: I have wanted the Lux series for absolutely ages, but they never seemed to be available from Amazon. Then they were all done up in gorgeous new covers and put in to bundles. I badly wanted them, but they were really hard to get hold of too. Then I found them, but one is a hardback, one is a paperback. I really don't care though, they are gorgeous!! Half Blood is the first in my other favourite series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and was purchased with the Pic 3 bundle.

 Pic 7:

Pic 7: Another awesome series that I love. I was given this series for xmas!

Pic 8:

Pic 8: Bargains on sale at xmas!! Clear outs from Asda. Only £1 each!! I love a book bargain.

Pic 9:

Pic 9: Present for my b'day. Love this series.

Pic 10:

Pic 10: A gift from an awesome author, who I beta read for. An amazing book, I was stupidly excited to be given. 

Pic 11:

Pic 11: Another completely awesome £1 bargain from the same Asda xmas clearout. No idea if it's any good, but £1 is too good to miss.

Pic 12:

Pic 12: Colleen Hoover books, need I say more? I've been trying to buy them all in pb for ages, so picked up these 2 when I purchased Pic 3, part of Pic 4, and part of Pic 6.

So that is it. I don't think I'll have any more for a while, as I've spent loadssss over the last couple of months. I can't even begin to include the e-copies in this book haul, or it could be a very long post. Maybe I'll do that next. :)
Any Q's on any of these books, please ask away. I'll come back and add Amazon/Goodreads links to them all soon.

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