Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review - Wild Violet (Vi Trilogy, #1) - Vivian Winslow

Oh my gosh! I honestly didn't think the Gilded Flowers stories could get any better. I loved Lily, adored Dahlia and now I'm utterly addicted to Vi.
Vi, is best friend to the gorgeous twins Lily & Dahlia. She is always there to support her friends and give advice when they need it. Always around if anyone needs her. Yet, if ever anyone mentions her own private life, they are swiftly told to ask no questions. Vi is fiercely secretive, she is happy to joke around and dissect others problems, but there is always a big mystery over what she gets up to, away from the twins.
I always loved how light hearted and fun Vi was in the other books. She didn't take any cr** from anyone, and tells it exactly how it is. She is absolutely gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, loves to have fun and a good time, but draws the line at sharing details on herself.
It was hugely obvious that she had secrets, big, huge, naughty ones. We actually start to get a glimpse of what these secrets may be, towards the end of Dahlia's story, but to be honest I still wasn't expecting the outcome of the first in Vi's books. It was a huge shocker and I loved it. After reading her story now, I love her so much more, as it explains so many things about her behaviour towards certain subjects. She is such a fighter and even though her father is determined to make things difficult for her, she won't take it lying down. She is definitely not a spoiled trust fund baby.
This also wouldn't be a Gilded Flowers book without the super hot, steamy, page melting sex scenes. Vi definitely gets to have just as much fun as the twins and just as hot, if not hotter fun!!
I was a little bit disappointed to see no Thomas yet, he was an extreme hottie from Vi's past, who was introduced in Dahlia's story. But it's something to look forward to for the next book! :)
So, if you're looking for a short, extremely hot and intense novella story. With incredibly addictive characters and lots of twists and turns, Wild Violet is perfect. This is going to be yet another amazing set of novellas, that leave me desperate for more.
Best Gilded Flower story so far. Unputdownable! 5 Stars.

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