Friday, November 11, 2016

REVIEW - Blue by Jill Patten

TITLE - Blue
AUTHOR - Jill Patten


He is a thief.

She is his victim.

Lance King, better known as Blue, drifts through the days surfing in a vacation town using his skills to get anything he wants from women to cash, even when they don’t belong to him. Especially when they don’t. But on spring break, he takes from the wrong girl and in turn, she turns around and steals something far more valuable of his.

Phoebe McCormick is surviving on borrowed time. So when her best friends approach her for an adventurous week in Florida, she happily accepts their invite. What she thinks is going to be a time to let loose with her friends turns out to be anything but when she stumbles into the arms of a local-blue eyed surfer.

Untold secrets and unexpected love can ether pull them to the shore or drag them out into depths of the ocean. By the time it’s over…

She’ll become the thief.

He’ll end up as her victim.

**This is a standalone**


Blue is an amazing and wonderful novel. I loved every minute of it. This book has everything that I could ever ask for in a book! Romance, mystery, and heartbreak, it has it all! If you are looking for a great novel to sink your teeth into that is guaranteed to leave you with a book hangover, this is the book for you.

Blue has a refreshing plot. It isn’t just boy meets girl. It is way different than that. I absolutely love how the book starts. We find out what is going on with one of the main characters right away. It is a flashback in time from where the novel actually begins. The mysterious Blue offers the reader that bit of mystery that they crave to keep them wanting more. It makes me ask myself “who is this guy and what is his story?”

The characters in Blue are wonderfully developed. Phoebe is a feisty character that I think can be a role model for girls. She has been dealt a crappy hand, but we get to see what she does with the hand, which is great. I love how strong she is. Blue is a unique character. We don’t really find out much about him at first. I love the onion technique used in revealing who Blue is and why he acts the way he does.

There is a lot of heat in this book. These two characters have heat that can melt the pages off a book. While the steamy scenes are written wonderfully, I am delightfully happy that they are not in excess. I love that the author focused more on the content of the book rather than throwing extra sex scenes in to distract from the main story.

I loved the writing style from this author. She used opposing point of views to tell this story. I loved seeing Phoebe from Blues point of view. I feel Phoebe had a low view of herself due to her situation, and it was wonderful to see Blue see her in a different light. It shows how perception is everything. I also loved how the author made this story feel authentic and real. I really felt like this could have been a true story happening. The author pulled out all the stops and made sure to give readers a book worth crying over!

In conclusion, this is a wonderful book that I give 5 stars hands down. This is a book I can see myself reading way more than once and falling in love with the characters over and over again. Blue is a wonderful book boyfriend to have while Phoebe has the personality every girl should strive for. I would recommend this book to my friends and plan to do so very soon. I cannot wait to read more from this author and fall in love with other worlds she has created.

Star Ratings:

Writing Style: 5/5


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