Friday, November 11, 2016

REVIEW - Fling by Jana Aston

TITLE - Fling (Wrong #2.5)
AUTHOR - Jana Aston


I have a crush on my boss’ best friend. 
At least it’s not my brother’s best friend. 
Or my best friend’s brother. 
Or… never mind. It’s all pretty cliche. 

And worse? My boss’ best friend is his business partner. Which sort of makes him my boss too. Okay - it’s not sort of. It’s definite. Gabe Laurent is off limits. Totally off limits. 

Which is fine. I make do with my imagination. He’ll never know. Ever. Unless my work bestie passes me an eighties-style teen movie sex quiz during a meeting and I fill it out. 

And it ends up in Gabe’s hands…


Fling is a nice and quick short read with a lot of good content. I really liked this novella and was surprised to learn it was part of a series. This short read opened my eyes to a new author I had never heard of. Fling is about a woman who has secretly pined away for a guy, but never really thought she had a chance. I feel like this story could be a fantasy world for many of us. I really liked how the story is relatable.

The plot of the story is one that I can really believe in. As I said in the opening paragraph, it is girl wants guy, but thinks she’s out of his league. One unpredictable situation leads to another and they start a brief fling. The question is, will it remain a fling or turn into more? To answer that you’ll need to go read the book yourself!

The characters in this book are developed a bit. Since it is a novella they do not have much time to develop majorly, but I felt the development was organic to the story so I approve of it. Sandra is a quiet woman who just needs someone to show her how to let loose. Gabe is a top notch executive who is known for his whoring ways. Sandra doesn’t think Gabe could ever be interested in her while Gabe feels the same about Sandra. This makes it interesting to watch these two interact.

The heat in this book is great. There are plenty of scenes to make your panties wet ladies. I love how Sandra knows the status quo and lets Gabe lead things. He also releases a feisty side to her which adds depth to the characters and story. The heat these two have together shows that they have chemistry that they both have been denying. I loved this about this story.

The writing style of this novella is simple. It is told from dual point of views. It also includes characters that I can only assume have been the main subjects of the first two books in this series. I really liked the minor characters and I loved how the author was able to include them, without them overshadowing the whole story. The author wrote in a way that it felt like the reader was nibbling for more information. I loved this technique.

Overall, I really loved this novella. While it was short and sweet, it still had the meat to draw readers in. I loved these characters and hope to see more of them in the future. Sandra especially was intriguing to me. I would recommend this novella to a friend and plan to go read other books in this series. This was a great new author find for me.

Star Ratings:

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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