Sunday, November 6, 2016

REVIEW - Falling: A Love Story - Allyn Lesley

TITLE - Falling: A Love Story
AUTHOR - Allyn Lesley 


A good man falls seven times,
But I’m far from a good man.

I’ve got my own set of rules,
And I never stray from them. 
I live by a simple set of guidelines and they’re easy to follow.

But when Chelsea Robinson walked into my garage,
The rules went out the door. 
Suddenly, I was falling.
No, that's not right.
It was more like a crash-landing,
Because I sure as hell couldn't stop myself.
And now, I’m still falling,
For a woman I shouldn’t even want.
But when love steps in, you have no option but to break your own rules.


Sometimes we all need a love story that isn’t simple, cut and dry, one that will give us all hope that the one with a hard life will find peace and love. In Falling you definitely get that kind of story. 

There were times where I was yelling for Dyllan to get his act together, yelling at Allyn to stop messing with Dyllan and Chelsea and let them be happy.

Dyllan was a foster kid until he was 17. When suddenly he’s scooped up and he has parents and brothers. He always felt like it wasn’t real and he didn't deserve them. Which I know a lot of kids who grew up in the system feel. When he meets Chels his world shifts and he isn’t ready for it. Its not that he doesn't necessarily believe he deserves love he just doesn't want to be left again like all the others who have loved and left him in his lifetime.

Then there is Chels, and let me tell you that girl deserves an award for patience when it comes to waiting for Dyllan to get it all together. She's the sweet, good girl to his bad boy, they balance each other out flawlessly. Over time they go from lovers, to friends, back to lovers.

Dyllan and Chelsea's chemistry is smoking. There were times I felt like I was intruding on a private moment in real life. When you toss in the secondary characters it really brings the whole story to life. Dyllan's family is the bomb, if the book didn't state up front he was adopted you’d never know.

Here are a few quotes from Falling that I enjoyed;

“Like ask you to be mine, the request you never gave me a chance to say, because you slipped from my bed like a thief in the night.”

“I want Chels so bad I can taste her, even when she’s on a f*cking island thousands of miles away. I want her so bad that I wish I could bottle up her scent, so when I’m missing her, which is every-dam*-time she’s not near me, I could sniff her smell as a consolation. Hell, I’ll take her anyway she comes to me. Like being locked into the motherf*cking friendzone.”

“I want to wake up each morning to your gorgeous eyes, and go to bed dreaming of them. I want to fight, make up, love, laugh, cry, mourn. I want the exciting and the boring with you, Chels. I want it all with you.”

Star Ratings:

Plot- 4/5
Heat- 4/5
Characters- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

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