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REVIEW - Operation Sex Kitten - Tess Summers

TITLE - Operation Sex Kitten
AUTHOR - Tess Summers


Ava Ericson thought she had her life planned out: graduate with her PhD, marry Brad Miller when he finished law school, have 2.5 babies…and mediocre sex for the rest of her days. But when Brad dumps her upon learning he’s passed the bar, citing new “opportunities” available, she has to rethink her future. Believing her lack of experience was the reason Brad broke up with her, she launches Operation Sex Kitten (OSK), a plan to become a vixen in bed and get Brad back. Things might go astray when she meets the notorious attorney, Travis Sterling, the bachelor who she is sure can teach her a thing or two in the bedroom. As she enjoys putting OSK theories into practice, she realizes the real ‘operation’ will be for the two not to fall in love. Fun and romantic, Operation Sex Kitten turns up the heat with explicit scenes while you root for love to conquer all. 


Operation Sex Kitten was an ok book. The plot was promising and intrigued me from the beginning. Unfortunately, the lack of substance in the book really made it hard for me to give this book 5 stars. While I like the way the author wrote the characters and book, it just needed a little bit more to really be an amazing book.

The plot of this book was interesting. I like when the female of the book is inexperienced and paired up with a much more experienced partner. It leads to good scenes and confidence boosters for all of us women. When we can read about someone not being experienced but blowing a man’s mind, it really makes us think maybe we are not as bad as we seem either. This plot is a good one and with some fine tuning this book can be great.

The characters are written pretty well. I liked both main characters. I also liked the chemistry they had together. There is a bit of an age difference, but that didn’t affect my opinion of this book. These two characters had a lot of issues they had to work out for themselves. I think this led to some very interesting scenes.

The heat in this book was good as well. I actually really enjoyed some of it. The problem I had was there was too many sex scenes. I like reading about characters being intimate, but there comes a point in which it is just too much. I expect little story and lots of sex from erotica’s, which is why I tend to avoid them. I just expected more from this book.

The writing style was where I had most of my issues. I liked the plot and the substance between sex scenes were good for the most part. Near the end I felt things were rushed a bit too much. I think this book could’ve either been stretched into a second book, or possibly cut down some of the sex scenes and add more content to make the story more fluid. I just felt that the sex was the meat of novel while the story was lost with the broccoli no one really likes to eat. I am here to tell you I wanted more Broccoli! I needed more story to really build the connection I look for in stories. I feel that if this was revised and the sex scenes were less and more content to the story, this could be a best seller.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the plot of this story, but felt it lacked a real story. I would not be able to recommend this book to my friends as I don’t feel it is yet complete. While I did enjoy the plot and the characters, I just felt I needed more from the author. Unfortunately I can only give this book 3 stars.

Star Ratings:

Plot: 4/5
Heat: 3/5
Writing Style:2/5
Overall: 3/5

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