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REVIEW - Forever Mated - Alma Black

TITLE - Forever Mated (Shifter Date #4)

AUTHOR - Alma Black


A sexy businessman seeking a feisty female lion shifter. A shifter lioness who needs to mate and make cubs. He’s man enough to tame a shifter, but is he man enough to satisfy her? 

Kyra has always longed for a family of her own. But bad relationships, unrequited crushes, and insecurities have always stood in this lioness shifter's way--until now.

Zac, a rich and powerful entrepreneur has wanted the curvy and petite Kyra the moment from he laid eyes on her. It's his turn to prove that even though he's human, he's strong and virile--and he's exactly what this pretty kitty needs.

But with the threat of Power Shift growing, Zac uncovers dark secrets about his family. Now, he must choose between the father he thought he trusted, and the woman of his dreams. Can Zac mate Kyra and protect her, or will this alpha human lose everything in a violent uprising?


Forever Mated is the 4th book in the Shifter Date series. This book is another amazing book in this series. Alma Black is an author to watch. I feel she will be going places as she writes more and learned to perfect her writing skills. This book is a shorter book of only about 100 pages, but this book has what all the others have, steamy romance and mystery.

The plot of this book is much like the rest. Two people who have an attraction to each other exploring that attraction. The difference in this book is the alpha male is actually human while the female is a shifter. This is different than the other books because the first book the female was human and male was shifter, and the other two books both people were shifters. I liked being able to read about the male being the human. Often times shifter books always make the male the shifter because of the whole male being alpha thing. I liked reading about the male being a human, but still with alpha tendencies and the powerful shifter female being able to put her power aside to allow the human male to take over.

There is also the subplot that has been expanding over all the books. Who is Powershift? What do they want? How can they defeat this enemy? These are all very good questions that have been answered over the series. This book unveils more of the mystery and adds to this sub plot while also being a book able to stand on its own with its own plot.

These characters don’t really have much time to develop, which is would be my only complaint about this book. With the book only being about 100 pages, the story felt a bit rushed. With that being said, the characters were still great. Kyra being a shifter I feel she is able to have a better understanding of her feelings, but I loved reading the story from Zac’s pov. It was refreshing to see how their attraction translated from his pov. Zac is a wonderful character, especially since he is a human.

The heat in this book is much like the rest of the books, panty melting. The author has no troubles with writing steamy scenes between two characters. If you are looking for a book that has a lot of hot chemistry between two characters, you cannot go wrong with any of the books in this series, including this one.

This was the only other complaint I have this this book though. While the scenes are hot, I feel like they would have been better had I felt a bit more build up in the relationship between the two characters. It almost felt like sex without emotions for me. I don’t feel I was able to connect with the characters as I would have liked.

Overall, this is a wonderful addition to this series. This book added more to the series plot that was necessary to allow progress of the main threat and possible resolution. This book also brought back some other characters from the past allowing readers to get to check in on them as well. I would recommend this book to friends and family.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Heat: 4/5
Writing Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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