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REVIEW - Shades of Resolution - Aimee Mcneil

Shades Of Resolution (Distortion Series Book 3) by [Mcneil, Aimee]


Lexie Wilder must live with the trauma of her mother’s death, as well as the enemies she left behind…

Her mother gave up everything to protect her, and now Lexie is alone. The only light in her life is Jackson Finley, the policeman who saved her life and captivated her heart. But of all the dangers lurking, Jackson may be the greatest. He’s the only man who holds the power to break her. Can Lexie trust him if he finds out who her father really is? 

Jackson would do anything for Lexie, even if it means risking everything…

Jackson walks a thin line between the law he swore to uphold, and the world of crime he’s supposed to fight. He’s determined to put the pieces of Lexie’s life back together. But in doing so, will he destroy her and everyone she holds dear? And if all the pieces fall into place, can he walk away from the vengeance he’s sought his whole life?

Opportunity can be found in unexpected places…

Lexie soon realizes she has more enemies waiting in the shadows. This could provide the leverage she needs to get out alive…if she’s careful. Lexie is better prepared now to face the minefield she finds herself in, and she vows to take her life back, even if it means willingly walking into the fire.

Will Jackson stand by her side? Or will she have to face the darkness alone?


Shades of Resolution is book 3 in the Distortion Series by Aimee McNeil! This story had lots of action, a few twists so to speak and of course gotta throw in some love appeal. Shades of Resolutions starts where book 2 left off so I recommend reading this series in order. 

Lexie and Jackson want to find John. In this story you get introduced to more characters that play a vital role in making this story grab your attention. The one character I can't stand is John. That man is a sick unloving character. I wanted to just jump right in the book and help out Lexi and Jackson get rid of that monster. While reading this one this one had some feels to it, for example, with what happened to Lexie's friend Stephanie(not saying what) but basically looked like a girl who accepted death and didn't know how to start living again. The connection between Jackson and Lexie is still alive. The plot of this book has you on your feet, interested on the what, where, when , how and why. While reading you also get more insight to other characters. 

Aimee McNeil, I'm not sure where or what made you come to write something like this- this series was powerful and let me just say I was so happy to see these words: To Be continued... I'm not a fan of wanting to know what's going to happen but I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Parts of the story I liked:

"That tattoo on her neck...Stephanie's. It's identical to my mother's."

"I remember when you said everything happens for a reason. I'm trying to hold onto that, but it's so hard when the people you love keep leaving."

"I thought so too at first, for most of my life, actually, but all the darkness is what makes all the lights look so bring That was when I found you. I've never seen a light so bright, and it made me want to crawl out of the darkness."

Star Ratings:
Characters- 5/5
Plot- 5/5


Writing Style- 4.5/5
Overall Rating- 4.5/5

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