Sunday, January 15, 2017

REVIEW - Healing Love - Tammy Faith

TITLE - Healing Love 
AUTHOR - Tammy Faith


Sleeping with your teammate's girlfriend is not the best way to start the season, and the guilt is eating Mark Anderson alive.
The best way to erase that awful night from his memory? A one-night stand with a blonde bombshell.
Besides vlogging and make-up, sleeping with jocks is Savinne’s favorite pastime, but Mark is nothing like what she expected.
Neither one is looking for forever, but one night turns into two, and then into three, four, five...
Until their pasts knock on their doors.


Healing Love by Tammy Faith was a good book that covers some tough topics. While I felt the book was good, I also feel there could be some major improvements made in order to make it great. I loved the idea of the book and the characters involved. This is a story about finding love in an unusual place and dealing with baggage that has been weighing you down. The author did well at writing about this, but fell short in just a couple of places.

The plot of this book was one I wanted to love. I love the idea that two broken people can find each other and learn to heal together. The plot itself I loved. What can use some work is some of the background story. I do not feel there was enough of a background story to fully keep my interest. While football is mentioned once or twice, I do not feel that football was a major part of Mark’s life.

Since this story is set at Florida State University, I feel there should’ve been more about the football since the main character was a football player and FSU is one of more well-known football teams in the NCAA. Another minor mistake that honestly might be overlooked by others but really bothered me is that the author states that there is a football game on Saturday against the Gators (FSU’s biggest rival), but the timeline from what I can tell is in August. Anyone who knows NCAA football would easily pick up on the fact that FSU and the Gators do not play their game until the weekend of Thanksgiving every year.  While this is minor for most, this really stuck out to me.

The characters in this book were written pretty well. Both Savinnne and Mark have their own troubles they are going through and they have a lot of growing to do. Watching these two get to know each other and work through their issues together was my favorite part of the book. I feel these characters are relatable to readers, especially those who have gone through similar circumstances. The author did a lovely job in writing these characters.

The writing style of this book was ok in my opinion. I didn’t mind the writing style it just seemed like a lot was going on. I also feel there were certain conflicts that do not feel solved. There are some minor grammar mistakes I can look over, but should be looked at by the author. The topics in this book are very serious. There is a disclaimer that tells you this book will discuss self-harm, eating disorders, and sexual abuse. There is also some mention of racism and anger issues as well. While I commend this author for taking on such serious subjects and doing it well, I feel splitting the subjects up and applying them to different books or allowing for more time for all the issues to be resolved would have added more depth to this book rather than making the reader feel confused. I just felt that there was too much going on for me to truly enjoy reading the book.

Overall, this was a good book, but with some revising and more research into minor details, this book has the potential to be great. The author tackled some serious topics and I feel she is brave in doing so. She handled these topics with delicacy and honor in my opinion. At this point, I would not recommend this book to others just because I am easy going and really enjoy a lot of books, but felt I was struggling to really enjoy this book.

Star Ratings:
Characters: 4/5
Heat: 4/5
Writing style: 2/5
Overall: 3/5

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