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REVIEW - It's in his Arms - Shelly Alexander

TITLE - It's in his Arms
AUTHOR - Shelly Alexander


Lorenda Lawson has built a safe, sheltered life for her two young sons since their father was KIA several years ago. She has a beautiful cottage and a support network of family and friends. No one in Red River suspects that her marriage to Cam was ever less than perfect. Nobody, that is, except the gorgeous ex-SEAL who’s shown up after a long absence: Cam’s notorious twin brother, Mitchell.
Mitchell Lawson was a teenage rebel who fled Red River after the local watering hole burned down, choosing the military over jail. Now he has a new mission: making amends with the town and his sheriff father for his hell-raising days, while resisting the woman he’s always wanted. Between Lorenda’s warmth and sensuality and her boys’ mischievous matchmaking ploys, it won’t be easy.
When a string of fires breaks out, suspicious eyes turn toward Mitchell. Lorenda risks her reputation for his sake—but she’ll need to risk her heart, too, to bring this onetime bad boy home for good.


“Romance with a mix of mystery, 5 star”

There are so many things I want to say about It’s In His Arms, but I don’t want to give too much away. What I can easily say is your heart will hurt for the Heroine Lorenda and you'll want her to finally get a man she deserves. 

Mitchell is the misunderstood reformed bad boy you'll want to come out on top. The two could be explosive if they can navigate the landmines set up before them.

Lorenda is a war widow with two small children. She married her high school sweetheart young and that's about where her Happily Ever After ends. I realize not all marriages are all sunshine and roses, and I get the not being able to connect after where he's been and what he's seen. My husband is military, I get it more than most. But her deceased husband was a disgrace, leaving her to decide after he's passed away, not to even try a relationship until her boys are grown. Lorenda puts her kids first like most parents try to do. Until Mitchell comes back into town.

Mitchell.. oh, Mitchell... He’s rough around the edges and trying to make amends. Which is hard when your father chased you out of town, which leads to a whole different set of events. So he’s home and trying to prove to everyone that he isnt the trouble maker he always was. But only one other person knows who he is and she knows all his teenage secrets, Lorenda.

In It’s In His Arms you have a ton of turns with a touch of mystery/suspense. Will Mitchell and Lorenda be able to find out who’s trying to frame Mitchell and hurt her? Will the town finally accept Mitchell and a productive member of the town? Small towns function a little different and Red River Valley is no different.

Here are two quotes that I loved from It’s In His Arms;

“He had a chest full of medals that meant nothing to him. But somehow being the front-runner for the Asshole of the Year Award meant everything, especially if his help ended up hurting her in the long run.”

“That kiss gave her courage, made her feel loved and desirable and not alone anymore.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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