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Blog Tour & Review - All We Are - Sonya Loveday

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All We Are

Book 5 of The Six Series

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Life hasn't been the same since returning from Barbados. Josh has fallen. Hard. Unable to shake the feelings Ella stirred up in him, he retreats further into himself. He can't tell her how he feels, because even if he did, it wouldn't change the fact that she's married.
Complicated is an understatement for Ella as she works through her own personal hell after finding out her dead husband is, in fact, alive and in hiding again. But life, and work, must go on.
An undercover job on a four-week cruise should be an easy mission for the Cole Enterprise operatives. Unfortunately, the client is one of Ella's childhood friends, which leaves the pair wishing they'd come up with something other than being engaged as their cover. Playing the part may just hurt them both.
Falling in love is never easy. In fact, it can sometimes be downright painful. No strangers to pain, Josh and Ella find themselves at the crossroads of duty and love. Lines will be blurred. Hearts will be broken. And all that they are will be tested.

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“Josh, Ella, and who? 5 stars”

I’m going to assume if you are going to read All We Are you’ve read the other books in the six series, if not turn around and read the other four before this one. 
All We Are has a little more drama in it in my opinion than the other four books, but it was as action packed as always, with humour. I escaped into a world in which I enjoyed.

Josh is one of the six. He’s the one that never had a sense of purpose like the others, everyone had their niche but him. He’s fallen into the operative world that he never even thought about before now. He’s partnered with Ella and all is good. Their first mission was a success and there is no reason this one should be any different. Only now Josh can’t tell if they are playing couple or if they are. What happens when you fall in love with your partner?

Ella is searching for answers about her past. She doesn’t know if she will ever get over the betrayal that she experienced but she does know that Josh makes it a little easier to forget. When they go on a job they get in a little deeper than they intended. What happens when one must say a sacred vow to keep their cover from being blown? To top it off Ella’s past comes forward and they are all caught in a deadly game. Will Ella and Josh get the happily ever after they deserve? Will the six grow by one more?

Here is one quote that I loved from All We Are;

“To see someone for the first time and think my God, it’s you, as if you knew their soul —an instant connection that told you to stop looking for the other half of yourself because they were standing right in front of you.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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