Thursday, September 7, 2017

REVIEW - Emergence (Heart Lines #6) - Heather Hildenbrand

TITLE - Emergence (Heart Lines #6)
AUTHOR - Heather Hildenbrand


It’s a race to save the world—or end it.

After a mystical merging that ties Sam to Hina, the race to save the world is on. With the equinox just days away, and RJ’s magic more powerful than ever, it becomes a race against the clock to find RJ and stop him—before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, in the midst of a battle for the supernatural world, all of the gang’s mundane problems can’t be ignored. Sam’s academic probation is threatened when the merge forces her to miss school, Brittany and Koby are keeping secrets, and Sam’s future is a wobbly, grainy picture that only slightly resembles the life she had planned for herself.

Alex’s problems aren’t any better. CHAS has issued a warrant for his arrest, his truck is still missing, and the girl he loves won’t commit to anything concrete between them when this is all over. But soon, they’ll both be forced to decide what comes next.

Because one way or another, it will soon all be over.


This book is exactly what this series needed. With that being said, my poor heart can’t handle it! This series has had it’s share of ups and downs, but this book about killed me. There is plenty of action in this book, along with some revelations and some very sweet scenes between Alex and Sam. I think this was a wonderful way to continue the series.

This is one of the most important books for the main plot of the series. Throughout this series, we have learned very important information and it all led up to the ending of the last book. Now that the big step has been taken, what happens next? Is it a solve all solution or will it be disappointing? All the questions are answered in this book.

This book changed Sam a bit. I cannot say too much, but I liked watching her adjust to her new life. I have always loved her attitude and heart as well. She is such a dynamic and loveable character. Then we have Alex. I don’t think I liked him too terribly much at the beginning, but I am in love with the man now. He is one fierce warrior who would do anything to protect what he loves. He also finds out a bit of interesting information about himself in this book.

These two characters have been on such a long and trepidus journey together from the beginning of this series. I don’t think they even realized in the beginning that the world would take them to this wonderful yet scary place together. I think that this series has shown a lot about what two characters can go through and how it can affect their relationship with each other. I love that the author did an amazing job showing the growing pains these two characters went through.

I think this was a wonderful way for the author to continue this series. I love how while this series stands on it’s own, it is intertwined in her other series, Dirty Blood. I think that the way the author is able to interconnect these two series, but make them each their own, unique and wonderful series on their own is a special testimony to how wonderful this author can write. I loved everything about this book and series.

Overall, this is exactly what I needed for this series. I love how wonderful this entire series is written. I love the subject matter, the characters, the mystery, and most of all, the action. This book and series gave me everything I love in a really good paranormal series. I would 100% recommend this to others.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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