Thursday, November 7, 2019

Release + Review - Trust in Me - Lea Coll

She’s beautiful, outgoing and funny – everything I’m not.
She’s searching for her next story and I want tenure.

I can’t risk my career.
And she won’t risk her heart.

The more we’re together the more I want her.

She thinks she’s not enough.
But she’s everything to me.

All I want is for her to trust in me.

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Johnaka's Review 

“The quiet one and the loud one, 4 stars”

Stella is loud and boisterous. She’s often the life of the party. Stella always wears a smile but doesn’t really let people in. sure she has those close to her but they don’t know everything. Something about Sawyer makes her want to spill all her secrets. But he’s made it clear he doesn’t want someone like her.

Sawyer is still kind of shy and awkward. He didn’t mean what he said about Stella, she’s just kind of intimidating. She’s looking for her next story and he’s wanting to make tenor. Will these two fall in love while helping the other get what they want?

I really did enjoy Trust in Me. I liked the dynamic between Sawyer and Stella. They balanced each other perfectly. Trust in Me was my first book by Coll and I highly enjoyed it. The only thing I would change is I wanted more from Sawyer’s point of view than what I got. But if that’s all I have to complain about then she clearly did something right.

Plot-4/5 Characters-4/5 Heat-4/5 Writing style-4/5 Overall-4/5


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Lea Coll worked as a trial attorney for over ten years. Now she stays home with her three children, plotting stories while fetching snacks and running them back and forth to activities. She enjoys the freedom of writing romance after years of legal writing. She currently resides in Maryland with her family.


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