Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review - Changing Course (Wrecked and Ruined #1) - Aly Martinez

Wow, I loved this book. Crazy loved it!

So, I actually read Among the Echoes as my first Ally Martinez book and was totally blown away. Then I found out that there is small connection to this series too. I was a little lost as I hadn't read the Wrecked and Ruined series before so didn't make the connections, others probably did. Luckily I was given copies of the first 2 to r&r, and I'm so glad I have now started this series.

Changing Course is the story of Brett, a detective who meets the love of his life quite young, but she is absolutely everything to him. They get married and are together 7 perfect years, when tragedy strikes.
Sarah, Brett's wife is in a horrific accident with her best friend. She survives but comes back as a completely different person. She is totally broken and not handling life well at all. She also seems to be taking it out on Brett and can't stand him. Finally after more pain and suffering they split up. Yet, Brett dutifully sticks by Sarah and helps out anyway he can, even when she doesn't want his help and makes that very clear.

For 4 years, Brett continues to hold on to the hope the old Sarah will return to him, he lives out his life focusing on work, yet still going once a week to check on Sarah. Nothing changes, she still hates him and makes life very difficult.

It isn't until Brett meets Jesse, the cute and shy girl working at his local coffee shop, that he starts to look at someone else again. Jesse, in a rare and brave moment asks him out.

From there it's a very tumultuous relationship. It goes from being the most sweet and endearing moments, to full on naughty, hot sex scenes to heart wrenching, sob worthy moments. The emotions are flying high in this book and it's totally addictive of course. Brett's wife Sarah is the most shocking in this story. Deciding to follow the unpredictable and scary path she has been on since the accident. You never really know when she is going to crop up. Which makes for some really tense and scary moments for Jesse.

When I read Among the Echoes, I found that what I loved about it, (among many things) was AM's writing style. It was captivating and I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next big shocker. I loved how all her characters, good or bad were totally addictive to follow and get absorbed in. So I wondered if it would be the same in Changing Course, it absolutely was! The same addictive characters, and edge of seat tension ran through this book. Even when the scene is sweet and you wouldn't think much could happen, it still managed to grip me.

I did spend a lot of time wondering what had happened to Sarah, she was quite frightening at times, yet so sad at the same time. I would love to know her side of the story and find out what her thoughts were.

I must admit I had quite a soft spot for Brett's best friend and work colleague, Caleb. They had been friends for years and were both dating/married to best friends. Sarah and Manda. Who were both in the car accident together. Caleb was such a sweetie, and became a good friend to Jesse, when Sarah was becoming a huge obstacle for Brett and Jesse. I really liked him and am thrilled that the next book in this series, is his! I can't wait to read that one next.

So, again I am wowed by a Aly Martinez book. This series is just as captivating and enthralling as Among the Echoes. I can't wait for the next one.
5 stars.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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