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Series Review - Gypsy Brothers Series 1-6 - Lili St. Germain

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers #1) - Lili St. Germain


My father was most certainly NOT an innocent man. As the leader of the Gypsy Brothers MC, he was guilty of many things. But he died for a crime that he didn’t commit, framed by an enemy within who then stole his club and everything he had ever worked to protect.

Including my innocence.

When Dornan Ross framed my father, he set into motion a series of events that could never be undone. My father was murdered by Dornan Ross and his sons when I was fifteen years old.

Before my father died, Dornan Ross and his seven sons stole my innocence, branded my skin and in doing so, ensured that their lives would be prematurely cut short. That they would suffer.

I’ve just turned twenty-one, and I’m out for blood. I'm out for revenge.

But I didn't expect to fall for Jase, the youngest brother in the club.

I didn't expect that he would turn my world upside down, yank my heart out of my chest and ride away into the sunset with it.

Now, I'm faced with an impossible choice - Jase, or avenging my fathers death?

My Review-

Why has this sat on my 'to-read' for sooo long?? I have no idea but I think it was pushed by other things. Anyway, finally I have read it and OMG that was crazy intense rolled up in more hot and brain melting action.
My second journey into MC clubs, first book was awesome so I was hoping anything following that would blow me away. Well, this absolutely did! 
Right from the first page, the writing style literally sucked me into the words. There obviously was going to be no breaks with this book. 
I also LOVED that it was a novella series, it was fast paced, punchy and straight to the point. So much action and angst, I was gripped.

The story starts with Juliette getting ready for her drastic, life changing surgery to completely alter the way she looks. Right in to the action, I was wondering what on earth was going on. Turns out Juliette has been in hiding for 6 years, and it's time for her to come out.

With her new persona and new look, Sammi is born and is going to get a job with the Gypsy Brothers MC Club. Dornan Ross and his 7 sons rule the club and she needs in. It used to be run by Sammi/Juliette's father, but the position was robbed from him, by his Vice President. Dornan Ross.

Before her father was murdered, something horrendous happened to Juliette which changed her life forever. She was lucky to survive it, although she can't forget and she now needs revenge. She is going to get it. Any way she can, starting with getting a new look, and a new job working for the club. So she put her plan in to action. Yet, the youngest brother Jase was once the love of her life, and he is there to make things very tricky for Juliette. 

Awesome drama right from the start. Lots of sex and action, sometimes it can be brutal, so be warned. Not for the faint hearted. I loved it though and was so thankful I had the next book ready. 

5 Stars!!


Six Brothers (Gypsy Brothers #2) - Lili St. Germain


I have lied.

I have cheated.

I have given my body and my life to the man who destroyed my family and left me for dead.

I have killed, I have sinned, and worst of all, I have enjoyed the misery of others.

I have licked the salty tears of a father mourning his firstborn son, and nothing has ever tasted so sweet.

I have died, and I have been resurrected, a phoenix from the ashes.

I know I’m going to hell. I’ll burn in the fiery pits alongside Dornan and his sons for the things I’ve done, and for the things I’m about to do.

But I don’t care. It will be worth every lick of the devils flames on my guilty flesh to destroy Dornan Ross.

One down, six to go.

My Review - 

Six Brothers is the 2nd book in the Gypsy Brothers series and as it's a novella, it just picks straight up and back full force in to the action. 
The intensity and action has not eased up at all in this next installment, if anything it actually increases. The stakes are higher for Juliette the longer she is in the Gypsy Brothers club and Dornan Ross's bed. 

Juliette/Sammi is still totally focused on her revenge plan. She still needs her vengeance for all that was taken from her. She is attempting to work her way through the Ross brothers and end up with their father, President of the Gypsy Brothers MC Club. They all need to pay and she wants to make sure it's at her hands. 

Eldest son, Chad is dead and things are now real, and happening. Sammi is there to make sure she has a front seat pass to the morning of the family. Whilst working on her plan for the next Ross brother's fate. 

I actually thought, when the book started that Juliette/Sammi wouldn't be able to go through with her plans. That she would turn out to be too nice and wouldn't have the guts to put the plans in to action. Oh, I was so wrong. She was on form!! A woman scorned and all that. She is almost scary in her ability to get what she needs doing, done. I still love her loads though, everything she has been through and continues to go through, she is 100% fully justified in her actions!! 

Dornan continues to be repulsive and evil, along with his 6 sons and Jase becomes even more addicitve!! As yet, her true identity is still safe!

Love, Love, Love this series so much. On to book 3 I go!!
5 stars. 


Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers #3) - Lili St. Germain


My father taught me the importance of an eye for an eye—a cardinal rule, ingrained in every club member.

A life for a life.

Seven lives in payment for an unimaginable list of sins.

People might wonder why I’m doing this. If this vengeance is borne from some noble cause. If I’m trying to prevent others from suffering at the hands of Dornan Ross and his sons.

But I’m no selfless vigilante.

I’m doing this for me. I’m doing it because I want to.

I’m doing this because I just want to be able to sleep at night without seeing their faces.

This is the fate they have earned. The penance for their crimes.
Time to send some of these brothers off with a bang.

My Review - 

Five Miles, Book 3 in the Gypsy Brothers Series. 
POW, again straight back in to the action. Wow what a way to leave the last book. 

Juliette's plans are going well, 2 brothers down, 4 to go! 
I think we really see what extent Julz will go to, to get done what she needs to do. 

This part starts after Julz has walked 5 miles, after walking out of hospital, (still in the gown) after almost dying of an overdose. WOW when she wants something done, she gets it done!! 

More background to Julz and Elliot is given this time, I must admit I actually really like Elliot. All of Juliette's relationships are becoming so incredibly intense. Dornan is becoming more and more evil, if that's possible. Elliot is doing whatever he can to help Julz, I'm not sure if it's because he feels like he needs to make it up to her or because he still loves her. Probably both. Plus Jase breaks my heart a little more each time I see him. With each installment in this series, we are given more information and flashbacks of the time before, when all the sins were committed. Some of the things that happen were truly awful and it just reaffirms my belief that Juliette is fully justified in her actions! 

It's starting to get harder for Julz now, with 2 brothers dead. People are getting suspicious, paranoid and pure nasty. She is going to have to come up with a bigger and better plan, and fast!!

Again Five Miles, is following with the perfect writing and intense scenes. Lili St Germain is an amazing writer. She just keeps the flow each time. It doesn't waver, I'm totally addicted to this story and the characters!
5 Stars. 


Four Score (Gypsy Brothers #4) - Lili St. Germain 


Love and hate aren’t all that different.

Two sides of the same coin, the yin and the yang.

Once upon a time, Jason Ross loved me. And now that he knows what I’ve done, I see the love and the hate warring within him.

I see the way he looks at me.

The way he wonders how I could do the things I’ve done.

I hear it in the way he begs me to stop, to leave this life and run away with him.

But there’s only one way I’m leaving LA.

And that’ll be when Dornan and the rest of his sons are dead and buried.

Jase might forgive me for what I’ve done.

But will he forgive me for the crimes I’m yet to commit?

My Review - 

Four Score, Book 4 in the Gypsy Brothers Series.
Oh my god, words can't even describe just how intense that ride was.
So, things are moving fast again. It's all gone crazy!! 
Firstly, after the massive blow, Dornan is in a coma. Another 2 brothers are dead. AND Jase knows!!! 

Yes, Jase now knows his first love, whom he hasn't stopped thinking about or loving for the last 6 years, is no longer dead. She is also sleeping with his dad and has a new face!! PLUS she is killing off his brothers and attempting to kill his dad!! Woahhhh

So, after those little gems have been revealed. We learn that there is a hell of a lot more to Jase and his secretive 6 years than we imagined. He won't disclose any secrets just yet, but they are going to be big. He still loves Julz but his head is all over the place. 

So Jase and Elliot decide to have a p***ing contest and bash each other about a bit, and only one is left in the room with Julz at the end of it, so who gets booted out?

Although secrets are revealed and Julz can be herself for the first time in ages, things are really on edge whilst Dornan is in a coma. Nobody knows what is going to happen next and it's still very much on edge.

Then....Dornan wakes. Julz is summoned. Massive Cliffhanger....I swear my head is going to blow.

I'm seriously addicted right now. As in, not sleeping because I need to read on. I have never read series before that doesn't let up like this one. Lili St Germain literally has us on the edge of our seats throughout this entire series. I'm dying to read on and become immersed in the story again. I can't believe there is still so much to reveal and shock us with. It never stops. 

Loving this series 1000% 5 Stars.


Three Years (Gypsy Brothers #5) - Lili St. Germain 


**Please note this book is a dark romance and deals with serious themes.*
Every day for six years, I used to pray that I would find my way back to the boy I loved.
Until finally, one day, I did.
But that’s the funny thing about life. Nothing good ever lasts, not for me, anyway. You think you’re the one with the power, at least I did, but then I got careless. One tiny mistake, and now I am powerless to stop what comes next.
People think money equals power, but all the money in my bank account, the dirty notes laundered clean that my father left for me, are useless.
Money does not equal power. Power is held by the one with the knife in his hand, tracing shallow cuts into your skin.
Power is held by the one who owns you.
I had power once.
Now, I have nothing.

My Review - 

Book 6 in this amazing series and by far the most darkest, grittiest and nastiest I have read.

After the crazy cliffhanger ending of book 4, we find ourselves right in the most hideous situation. 

Dornan knows! Everything! Now Juliette is no longer Sammi, she has been found out and after 4 sons have been killed and Dornan was nearly killed, you can imagine he isn't happy. Not one bit. Now we know how evil he can be, that's the reason Julz decide to get revenge on him in the first place. So now he knows what she has done, and knows she didn't die from before. What on earth is he going to do to her. 

Well, I'm not going to give an account of what he does. Lets just say, poor Julz is one strong lady to live through that 3 months of hell. It is quite extreme and definitely not for someone who can't read dark stuff. I found it truly addictive. I felt so sorry for Julz but also was in awe of her strength and how she kept up her spirit (most of the time). Dornan Ross is one nasty, evil piece of c***.

So, in true Lily St Germain fashion, we get some more huge twists and turns in this little gem of a book. Some very surprising reveals too. I think this book had me hooked the most, out of all the GB books. I was so glued to it, to see what would happen to poor Jules, and where was Jase!!??

Intense and downright crazy ending. I'm now biting my nails and being very impatient about the next book. I was lucky enough to have the first 5 for review, so went straight through each one. BUT now I have to wait for book 6 and it's going to eat away at me. Luckily it's not long!! :) 

Again, I can't fault this series one little bit. Lili St. Germain is incredible. I love everything about these books and I think I'm going to miss this series when it has ended!!

Can't wait for book 6. 5 Stars.


Two Roads (Gyspy Brothers #6) - Lili St. Germain


 Juliette and Jase may be out of Dornan's immediate reach, but as tensions rise, will they end up walking right into the enemy's trap?

Can Juliette forgive Jase for his devastating betrayal, or will it destroy everything they've been fighting for?

 My Review -


Two Roads, is book 6 in the Gypsy Brothers series, and you absolutely, without a doubt, must read the others before this one. I won't give any spoilers of book 6, but there will be spoilers of book 5 in this review.

WOW!! I badly needed this book, after the conclusion of Three Years, I was practically chomping at the bit to find out what was next for Juliette and Jase.

<b><i>"I've left one prison, the one Dornan constructed for me, only to be trapped in one of my own making. The one in my mind that goes over and over and over again."</i></b>

So, after being broken out of the prison that she had been held in for months. A very resilient and tough as nails, Juliette is now free. Although she has the reminder of what she has been through, living within her. She is not the same person who was locked away.

After being tortured and abused for 3 months by Dornan Ross, and thinking she may end up dead, before finishing her vendetta against the Gypsy Brothers. Juliette is broken out of her cell, by Elliott, Jase and the guard she believes is called 'The Prospect'.

Although before she managed to get away she was told some truths, from Dornan mid shoot off. What she was told, changes everything. On top of being practically broken, she has always stuck fast to those she thought she could trust, and now she's not so sure.

Once away from Dornan's father Emilio's place, they make their getaway, as far away as they can get, knowing Dornan will be after them again and after another brother is down, I can imagine he won't stop looking until he finds her.

Juliette now has to learn to face her new world, with what she has been left with. Dornan had Juliette injected with Heroin regularly, while she was his captive, and now she has to learn to live without it, and keep it from Elliott and Jase, as the last thing she wants is to be seen like her mother.

On top of that, she also is pregnant. Dornan intended to get Juliette pregnant to replace the sons, she has already murdered. What he doesn't know is, Juliette things that the baby is actually Jase's.

So Juliette has a massive amount to deal with. On top of the revelations of Dornan's before she left.

I actually thought book 5 was the most traumatic, emotional and intense of the series so far, but that was again topped by the next one. Each part to the Gypsy Brothers series, get's more overwhelming and emotional. Yet, incredibly addictive and unputdownable.

Two Roads, took the story to another level completely, and showed me A) what an evil, twisted b****** Dornan is, and is he even capable of stopping? and B) just how much strong Juliette is. She gets absolutely everything thrown at her, repeatedly and she still dusts herself off and gets back up. Perhaps a little wobbly, but she still rises. I found myself blubbing at the what she has to go through, then sighing at her strength.

Again, there is some harsh and sensitive scenes in this book, much like the others. But, if you like the no filters feel, then you absolutely must read this book. It has been an incredibly series and I'm desperate for the final book.

500 Stars!!

**I was kindly given an ARC of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review**



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