Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review - Seize Me From Darkness (Pierced Hearts #4) - Cari Silverwood

This book was definitely addictive reading. Not for the faint hearted of course. ;)
So although this book was book 4 in the Pierced Heart series, I heard that it could be read as a standalone. As I hadn't read any of the others in the series, and loved the synopsis I thought I would give it a go.

So, the story starts straight in to the action. No build up or summarising. It actually almost felt like I had missed a story before, which I had, but apparently that wasn't Jazmine & Pieter's story, they were just in the story. So I was a little thrown at first. Almost wishing I had read the one before. But after a while I picked it up easily enough and got stuck in to it. 

Jazmine, a freelance journalist, was captured for the Client. Somebody wanted Jazmine to suffer and went to great extremes to make sure she did. Which meant she was now being tortured, and abused regularly. Locked up in a cell and only allowed out once a week, to take part in a scene. This scene had to be set to a certain standard. Each one had to be made harder and more painful each time. All this was done in front of the Client, somebody she couldn't see, but obviously he was watching her, suffer. 

Pieter, an ex cop and mercenary had been on the job, working for the man who had captured these slaves. He went on to attempt to rescue Jazmine, and obviously failed. This part was in the previous book, so I can only go by what is said about before. When we see Pieter, he has been captured, beaten and told he had a new job, in place of his death. He has gone from attempting to free Jazmine, to now being her torturer. He would be part of the scenes. Meaning he did what he was told, or she would suffer a worst fate at the hands of guards and Gregor and he would be most likely killed. 

Through their forced roles, we learn that Pieter is actually quite the sadist and loves his role a little too much. Also, that Jazmine enjoys it a great deal. So the scenes are quite the test of limits. They start off quite tame but end up in new boundaries. When locked up in the cell, Jazmine is told Pieter will be her new cell mate. So the 2 of them are together 24/7 and learn quite a lot about themselves and each other. 

I can't really summarise anymore as there is far too much that could be given away. The book takes a different turn at one point and it's quite surprising. This book is never dull or boring. It's full on action oozing out of every page. Plenty of shockers too for those who love to see how far the book will go. 

Jazmine went through a massive change. It was quite intriguing to watch her make this change. I always love to read books where there is a challenge, I think Jazmine was quite the challenge. She started off quite cunning and feisty yet changed into a perfect submissive. Pieter also had quite a turnaround. I started off feeling one way about him, then I couldn't decide how i felt. He was obviously alive through his dominant side. They went on quite a dark and disturbing journey together, and came out of it in their own little HEA. 

A very dark and twisted romance, that had me totally hooked to every little twist and turn. Incredibly entertaining. If you like the darker stuff, this is perfection. 

I should make a point of saying, this book has a huge amount of sensitive subject matter. So go in to it knowing it's not your everyday regular romance. If you like it dark, go get this! 

**I was given an ARC of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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