Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review - The Rental - Rebecca Berto

This story was really quite intriguing. It started off with Vee, a 17 year old girl lusting after her boyfriends hot older brother. Okay, so not totally unusual. When Vee first met Rick, she knew he was something special. Yet as time went on it would seem they had some unspoken connection. As he was older, nothing really came of it. There was some tense moments and a lot of times when they could of said something to each other but just locked eyes and left it at that. Then one day, Rick up and left with no real goodbye. Apparently he was off working abroad and wouldn't be back for a while. So as time went on his younger brother Justin showed an interest in Vee and they decided to give a relationship a go.

Yet, Vee could never really get over Rick, even though nothing had ever happened with them. They had some sort of connection. After a while, Vee and Justin aren't going anywhere. He treats her like rubbish and obviously has some issues and a lot of secrets. So, when Rick walks back on the scene, Vee is smitten all over again. All of this happens in the first few chapters, then takes a different direction when Vee is dealt a few nasty blows, all at once. She is torn apart by both tragedy and her best friend going behind her back with her boyfriend. She couldn't get much lower after all this.  

Time seems to tick on by whilst Vee struggles through life, on her own. Working endless hours in jobs she hates to scrape enough money to help out around the house. Each day is a chore for Vee, when six months later she bumps in to Rick. He hasn't left town again and seems to have stuck around. 
The chemistry between them is still really intense and Vee and Rick realise quite a few things about each other that night, and that's also where the story starts to take a big turn.

So here we now find out what The Rental actually is. Now, I absolutely loved the idea and concept of this part of the story. It definitely had such potential, yet things get rather confusing with Vee and Rick and their sort of relationship. They both like each other crazy amounts and the chemistry is on fire. Yet, with everything so new between them, coupled with the fact that The Rental is now both of their place of employment, is making things very confusing. Hot, but confusing! They struggle to separate the two lives and it starts to have an effect on them. 

The Rental scenes were actually really intense and my favourite parts of the book. The rest I struggled with. Like i said before, I loved the concept of The Rental and the details behind it, but the background to the story I didn't feel as compelled with. I wanted to love Vee and Rick's true relationship, but once they stepped out of The Rental, they lacked any real interest. They fumbled around each other and attempted to do everything normally, yet in a way they seemed lost in their real identities. On the reverse of that, once in The Rental, they were addictive to read. Those scenes were so hot and enthralling, I would like to have read more of them. Luckily this book ended in a way that left the next book in the series with huge potential to bring some awesome scenes. That would be what would grab me. The characters were good, once Vee had found out what she wanted and knew what intrigued her. She become someone completely different. Grief had made her so weak and she was like an empty shell, yet once Rick came back and inadvertantly introduced her to The Rental, she broke out of her miserable shell and become a great character. Rick, i loved. He was hot and intense right from the start. He fought for those he loved and stood by them, yet also knew what he wanted and would have it. He had a healthy dose of Alpha in him to keep me intrigued. 

Once Vee stumbled across The Rental, this book became quite an intriguing read. I would be interested to see what book 2 has in store for them. The proposition they were given at the end, definitely seemed an opportunity for a fantastic follow up!

4 Stars.

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

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