Friday, September 26, 2014

Review - Finding Eden (A Sign of Love Series) - Mia Sheridan

WOW. Again, I am utterly blown away by just how perfect and beautiful this story is.

Becoming Calder wiped me of all speech, and left me spellbound for days. It's the sort of book that you can't get out of your head, even after reading other books. So, to have that feeling brought back after reading Finding Eden, is the perfect recipe for another book hangover.

Finding Eden, is the follow up and conclusion to the story that started with Becoming Calder. It follows straight on where Becoming Calder left off, and anybody who has read Becoming Calder, knows just how badly Finding Eden was needed. The perfect flow, captivating characters, and intense story continued without flaw in to Finding Eden.

"There's a spring. I'll wait for you. I'll be there."

There is absolutely no way I can summarise the plot of Finding Eden, as I normally do, because this book is a continuation of one story and so much happens within the story, I couldn't possibly spoil it.

What I can say is, Mia Sheridan's writing was incredible. The way I felt like I was on this emotional journey with the characters was crazy, but it was down to such perfect writing. I spent the majority of the book, with endless tears running down my face. It wasn't a pretty sight, but there is no way you could read either of these two books and not well up. The raw emotions that are oozing out of every word, whether it's sadness or happiness is addictive. There are some key moments in this book, (you will know them, when you get there) where I could feel myself gasping at something I know will end up making me cry again. Prepare yourself for the ugly sniffing.

"I hadn't moved on, Eden. I'd have never moved on. Not ever. I just... I don't even know. I wasn't trying to move on, I was just trying to survive. I'm so damn sorry."

Calder and Eden started off as two people with such beauty inside and out, they couldn't be faulted. They had a love so strong, that it withstood anything thrown at them, it left me totally awestruck. I read a LOT of love stories, all different kinds. The ones that stick with me, are the ones that leave me breathless. Love stories that withstand time and hold their own against all the endless love stories that follow afterwards. This will be without a doubt, one of those that stays with me. I actually didn't want their story to end, it was so captivating.

"What I did know was that I loved a girl. And I knew I loved her in a way I'd never, ever recover from. I knew I loved her to the very core of myself. And I knew she loved me back."

This series was my first of Mia Sheridan, and I can wholeheartedly say it won't be my last. I loved everything about the world she created and the love story that wrapped itself around everything. It has been quite some time since I could read a book and not find a single flaw. Finding Eden (and Becoming Calder) are examples of a timeless love story, so perfect you could easily go back a year later and still be wowed by them.

I 1000% recommend this book to everybody, especially hopeless romantics like me. A beautiful love story that will stay with you a very long time.

"Five life changing, extremely satisfied stars"


My Review of 'Becoming Calder' - Mia Sheridan (Book 1)

**I was given ARC's of these books in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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