Friday, September 12, 2014

Review - Stolen Course (Wrecked & Ruined #2) - Aly Martinez

Oh my gawd! Seriously, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a second book more than a first, quite so much!
Caleb Jones is the ultimate hot lead male. I knew he was going to be gorgeous and brooding from seeing him in Changing Course, but add the multitude of awesome ink and alpha male streak and he is perfection, in my eyes!

After the horrific car crash that changed and tore apart so many lives back 5 years ago. Caleb, was left alone having lost his soul mate and fiancé Manda. That crash had ultimately affected so many people directly or indirectly but Caleb lost his everything. Plus Sarah, Manda's best friend survived the crash. Although Sarah is not the same person she was before that night, she still survived. This eats up Caleb constantly.

After the accident that changed everything, Caleb spends the next 2 years channeling his pain into the ink that covers his body. A beautiful yet painful reminder of his past and lost love. As time passes, Caleb moves on but never forgets. He keeps a box that holds all the info and evidence of that night, he is determined to get vengeance for Manda. What he doesn't expect is to come across Emma, an absolutely stunning and lively blonde who stirs long forgotten feelings in Caleb. After spending the last few years sleeping with plenty of distractions, he hasn't allowed anyone into his life or heart. That is until Emma comes along and changes everything. Yet there is one big problem, Emma is Sarah's younger sister. Sarah is the one person Caleb can't stand.

Emma has come from Savannah to try and make amends with her sister, by helping take care of her and being for her, through her recovery. After Sarah's accident, she pushed all those she loved away, including Emma. Her way of dealing with her pain left Emma scared, so she refused to sit around and watch Sarah's self destruction. Only now she wants to try and get back in her life, and help her in any way possible. That means relocating her life and business to a new place. She didn't expect to bump in to Caleb, the one man who can't forgive her sister for the past, and start to fall for him.

They hit it off through messages and phone calls over a few months. Then when Emma moves up, the attraction is even more overwhelming. They seem perfect for each other. Some really funny and sweet moments and incredibly hot sex, which is amazing! Yet there is always that big problem that hangs over their heads, Sarah.
Obviously things are going to end up going crazy at some point, but the question is, when.

This story was seriously amazing. Not just a conventional romance, it's a tumultuous relationship with lots of ups and downs. Crazy sex and hilarious moments, but also some huge surprises. Which make it amazingly entertaining. The atmosphere is always spot on, steamy then sweet, then tense. This one horrific accident has managed to wreck so many lives, but the fact that it still keeps reeking havoc on so many is really strange. There was a huge shocker at the end, that I didn't see coming at all. Making everything change. Yet also answering a lot of questions about that mysterious night. I found there was a lot more tearful moments in this book, or maybe that's just me. The ending was really tense but perfect!!

Again, like in Changing Course. I loved all the characters intertwined in this story. They all had their own stories to tell and quirks. All addictive and entertaining. I actually found I wanted to hear more from other characters in the book, every character was unbelievably interesting. Especially after a shocking reveal towards the ending, I really wanted to hear more from those involved in the shocker. Yes, I know I'm being vague, but there's no way I can slip any bits on this one. It has to be experienced without knowing anything.

So after this amazing whirlwind with the incredibly hot couple, Caleb and Emma I'm absolutely dying for the next book!! Aly Martinez has wowed me with all 3 of her books. Her writing is consistently amazing. Addictive and compelling. I'm so glad I got the chance to read this series, it's now one of my fast faves!

5 stars!!

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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