Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 10 Lists - MC Books

This weeks TOP 10 is MC Books. Men on Bikes, getting the women they want... whats not to love?

Bikers meets religious cult? A strange twist on the biker tale that's had me hooked since book on and now on book three, it keeps getting better.
A biker with a heart and a baker with an attitude :) The storm series is a great one to follow, but fierce stands out. Its something special. This is the book that hooked me to Nina, now I'd read the phone book if she wrote it.
All the fun on an MC books but with so many twists and turns, I caution whiplash! My fave of all of AC's books.
  • Craving Constellations - Nicole Jacquelyn  - Goodreads
An MC but darker, a romance but deeper. This was one of my first MC reads and it kinda set the bar for craziness.
  • Savage Stalker - Kathleen Kelly  - Goodreads
An MC president meets a rockstar and they're hot! This one felt different and it was the suspense in it was what really sold me.
  • Reapers Legacy - Joanna Wylde  - Goodreads
Oh wow, this ones sexy, Joanna Wylde REALLY knows how to write MC but this one. *swoons* (there is this bit, where he has this tattoo, oh my goodness)
  • Heavens Sinners - Bella Jewel  - Goodreads
MC with a bit of kink! Bellas guys are all so awesome, but spike stole my heart. He's filthy, dirty, angry and mean and I want him!
The continuing story of Jade and Ryder, is a little bit of a heart breaker, but it sold me on Jani. A modern day, slightly crazy Romeo and Princessy Juliet.
An MC who aren't afraid to go to war, history, enemies and girl with a different name. This is only the start of what could be an epic series!
  • Destined Havoc - Nina Levine  - Goodreads
A nomad from the storm MC whose life takes yet another unexpected twist when he rides with his Storm MC brothers and meets a woman who blows his mind.


Now that you have read our Top 10 MC Books, what MC books have you read that stood out for you, and that you would add to a Top 10 list? 
We would love to hear from you.
Also, if you would like to request a Top 10 for our Thursday post, please feel free to send us some suggestions. :)

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