Wednesday, September 30, 2015

REVIEW - Unlawful Desire by Chelle Bliss

Title - Unlawful Desire (ALFA PI #2)
Author - Chelle Bliss


My fiancée ripped a piece of my heart out when I caught her with another man. It made me jaded, and I swore off relationships. But as with any plans, life had a way of making me its bitch.

When a way too young bombshell walked into my world, my heart began to beat again. Georgia asked me for one night—nothing more—and with no strings attached. 

Our night of passion turned my universe upside down.

When she almost slipped out of my life, I knew I had to make her mine. Willing to do anything to protect her, I took justice into my own hands. My feelings for her brought out a side of me I thought I’d left behind.

I had to lose myself to be found again.

What I thought

Oh Wow!
That was hot, I mean I love Chelle, and she is always hot, but that was seriously hot and I don't know how or why. This isn't all sex from the start, quite the opposite and yet some how its sexy as hell.

So, Frisco works at Alpha PI, he's had his heart demolished by his ex fiance so the only women he wants in his life and in his bed, are women who are swiftly out of that bed the next morning. No feelings, no commitment, just wham, bam, thank you mam. And thats working well for him until he meets Georgia.

Ahhh Georgia, She's refreshing! She's a few years younger than Frisco, she's inky and she's a bookworm (Dont you just love her already). 

They're pushed together by their friends City & Suzy (Men of inked lovers, you will adore this book) but its not as straight forward as them just having their sexy affair and moving on with their lives, Georgia is hiding a little BIG secret that changes it all.

Writing this, without spoilers, I am finding difficult because I really wanna talk about her secret. Not because its so mind blowing I cant not, because even with it. This is still a sweet, hella sexy story. 

And side bar, I adored Georgia's parents. Friscos mum, not so much!

Second side bar, there is a character in this called Bear, who I know is not the focus here, but I think I'm in Love with him!!! 

Shaz <3 Bear

My only issue with this book, is that it was all over too quick. I wanted more Frisco, I wanted more Georgia. I just wanted more.

Star Ratings:
Plots = 4.5/5
Characters = 4.5/5
Heat = 4.5/5
Writing Style = 4.5/5
Overall Rating = 4.5/5

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