Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review - Her Invitation - Felicity Pickles

This novella is one of my favorite little gem finds. I was asked to take a look at Her Invitation and once i started it, i easily felt glued to every word.
It's a short and sweet novella but it packs a punch.
Although i read book 2 first, I was told it was a standalone and to be honest it was perfectly easy to get absorbed into the story. There is obviously comments about what happened in book 1, but as that is a novella as well i didn't feel i had missed out on a huge chunk of the story.
It did remind me of some of the stories i used to read years ago, not in a bad way. It was just the short, naughty, tales that i used to come across in Black Lace (I think) style books. Naughty and risqué but with a grown up feel. I liked how it showed some of the characters as being upper class but with this hidden side to them. The naughty perversions of the rich.
As i missed the first part, i'm not entirely sure about the main characters backgrounds. It's not essential, but I will make sure I read book 1 as I feel compelled to learn the whole story from the start.
James and Clare are the main couple, who i assume are probably mid 30's. They live in an incredible house/apartment in the city. I'm again assuming London, I know it's the UK as they visit Cornwall for a holiday in the first book and that's how they meet Bethan. Bethan is referred to as 'the girl' quite frequently and her age although never mentioned is hinted at, so i'm thinking she is approx 18.
Anyway, the 3 met under some unusual circumstances in Book 1, and now Bethan has written to the couple requesting to come stay with them. Bethan is very curious and wanting to explore a side to her that was awakened in Book 1. She had quite the interlude with James and Clare back when they were visiting a hotel in Cornwall and left an impression on Bethan that she can't seem to shake. So here we are, Bethan has requested an invitation to come stay (and play) with the couple, which they are exceedingly interested in accepting. They also, were left with an longing to see Bethan again and are excited at what her visit could hold.
The rest of the novella details Bethans visit and some of the key moments of her stay. Also some of the other people in James and Clare's social circle, Bethan gets to meet.
The rest has to be read, I can't even try and explain the experiences Bethan has and wouldn't want to spoil it. The encounters have opened her eyes and possibly mine too. ;) It would seem Bethan has found herself on quite the journey to discovery and it is described quite openly and nothing held back. Fans of naughty, short tales without all the pages of background would love this. It made for a great break for me. Straight to the point and no beating about the bush. (I'm not going to go down the pun route, honest) A quick, erotic, tale played out like fantasies of the rich. Luxurious backdrop to a naughty weekend. 5 stars!

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