Monday, May 26, 2014

Review - Sun Damage (Sunshine #3) - Nikki Rae

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

WOW! Ok, so still a little shell shocked. That was an amazing ending to an incredible trilogy. I didn't want it to end.
So I really, really don't want this book to contain spoilers, I feel quite strongly about them. The trouble is, everything I want to say is in some way going to give something away and spoil what has to be read for ones self. So this is going to be a really easy yet really hard review to write.
The overall feel to this final part in the Sunshine series, is somewhat darker and intense. It starts with the continuation of an event that happened at the end of book 2. It then goes on to show Sophie and her way of coping and handling this. Whilst all this happens, the band are asked to go on tour. Which is a fantastic opportunity but also so difficult for so many reasons.
I did feel like there was quite an emotional feel to this book, Sophie has never had it easy in any of the books. Yet in this final part when you think she is in a position to come out of everything stronger and better for it, she still has to struggle so hard and has to deal with so many new revelations.
Myles is always a constant that is reassuring. He sticks by Sophie and proves to be even more addicting a character than ever.
I had a lot of love for Jade in this book. He comes through so much and is such a strong character for it. All that he has to deal with as well as anyone.
Again, quite a few surprises and shocks along the way. The way in which it still manages to blow me away each time as I don't see it coming is fantastic. I always try to guess whats coming in books and never guess throughout these ones. They are so clever and well written.
The ending. Well, again wow! Fantastic ending which I'm 100% happy with considering the numerous ways it could of gone. Yet, I do feel like there is something there with potential for more, maybe?? Or am I just hoping? lol
Fantastic ending to an well written and captivating beyond belief trilogy. 5 stars!

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