Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review - Sun Poisoned (Sunshine #2) Nikki Rae

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

I read the first book in this series about a month ago and wasn't able to go straight on to this one. It's always kind of hard to pick up where you left off when you go on to the second or subsequent books in a series. I had no problem falling straight back in to the story and picking everything back up with Sun Poisoned. The gang are now in New York and living in an apartment block that is paid for by Midnight the club where they now get to live their dream, performing in their band. Everything seems to finally be coming together for Sophie. Boo and Trey, her best friends are with her. Plus Miles her boyfriend with a difference is also there with them. Of course the difference we learn in book 1 is that he is a Vampire. Not a sparkling, type. Far more discreet and understated. Yet holding so much power and mysterious. I loved that.
So were now seeing Sophie in her element, getting to perform and having her own bit of freedom. It's a new lifestyle here at Midnight and we get to see some of the new people Sophie meets from the mysterious and shy Ava and the total opposite Manny, lead singer of one of the biggest bands that play at Midnight. The majority of Sun Poisoned shows how Sophie's life has changed and the people she meets in her new life. She still has a few nightmares over Michael, the old and dangerous vampire from Sunshine. Yet Myles is always there to help Sophie relax and fills her in one some more information from his past, and others pasts.
About half way through, the book takes a big shocker. A huge event happens which i can't even hint at, but I will say. I had the whole open mouth and running eyes thing going on again. From there on in, the book is on a far more faster pace and emotional ride. All the intense and graphic details were really hard hitting. Without saying anything at all, which is really hard. All I can say, is that everything that takes place from there on in, is so amazingly well done. It was beautifully written in a raw and detailed way. It was hard not to feel exactly what was going on with the characters, the words painted such a clear and vivid picture.
Well, after such an intense and crazily, addictive final part I was so relieved I had the final book to start reading straight away. I absolutely 'needed' to continue reading and was desperate to find out what lies ahead for Sophie. I'm already half way through the final book and I'm already sucked in. So thought it best to do this review before I forget which book is which. ;)
Loved this second part in the Sunshine series.

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