Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review - Kiss Me Goodbye (Inked Brotherhood #0.5) - Jo Raven

Kiss Me Goodbye

This was a great prequel! I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Asher and loved it. This prequel shows Asher and Audrey when they were 14, and the events that took place that changed their friendship forever. Although quite short, this chapter in their life was an important one and shows how 2 inseparable childhood friends lost each other and some of their innocence so many years ago. This paves the way for Asher the first, full length book in the Inked Brotherhood series.
Just like Asher, it is written well and shows the intensity between the two main characters. Even though they are 14. They did at times sound more like 17, but all the characters in this book are later shown to have some rough times when younger and I think it has forced them to grow up a bit quicker. Which we find out as each book tells their tales.
I really felt for both Audrey and Asher and it mad me want to read Asher again.

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