Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teen Reading Throwback Project. V. C. Andrews

My V.C.A shelf. (Some of these paperbacks are nearly 30 years old *blush*)

So, I was having a think. (Yes, it's a rare occurrence) I was thinking back to my teen years and what I was reading as a Teen. So, I can remember spending all my school holidays reading Virginia Andrews (V.C. Andrews) back to back. Now, I know she is one of those authors you either love or hate, and I also know that if you admit that you like her, you get people trying to psychoanalyze if you are of sound mind. Mainly because of her tendency to included some sensitive issues in practically all her books. That aside, I was a Teen. People didn't discuss with me which books are the appropriate books to read, I just read what i like. And, I loved all Virginia Andrews books. The secrets, the suspense, the 100's of shocking discoveries and the lavish settings and grand houses. Now, I didn't know at the time. Perhaps until I hit 20 *ahem* something, that V.C Andrews only fully wrote a certain amount of her books, and she left a lot of material that was later made into a lot more books with the help of a ghostwriter. Andrew Neiderman. I never could tell the difference then and after reading my favorite V.C.A books many, many, more times. I still can't tell the difference. The man is a genius and managed to have her voice and style down perfectly. He still has. I'm a little behind and haven't read any new ones for a few years now. The main characters were unfortunately getting younger rather than older and my tastes were changing, so i took a break. Not to say i won't revisit the new books another time. Anyway, V.C.A has come back into the spotlight again it would seem, as Flowers In The Attic has been re-made for a tv movie again. I must admit i loved the 80's version and was excited to see what a modern version would be like. It was a blast from the past and I loved it. It also brought the books to mind, and upon hunting around for something new to do. I came across an article from Andrew Neiderman saying he was going to release 2 new books to add to the Flowers in the Attic series, from Christopher's POV. So, I have decided I'm going to do a re-read of all my favorite Virginia Andrews books. In series order of course. I have the majority of them in paperback and a handful on my ipad. So I will get a reading order list up with links in the next few days and some sort of time frame for each one with a review for each. (I've never reviewed a V.C.A book). I know this will not interest many people as, like I said before she's an acquired taste. But, it's big project and I love a project. It could be very interesting!! :)

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