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Review - Logan Lost - Emma L. Smith

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

Logan Lost is one of those books that will always stick with me. When I started to read this, I had no idea of what I was reading. I hadn't even read a synopsis, kind of like going in blind. No genre, No hints. Nothing. Not, that it mattered. I have loved every single one of Author Emma L. Smith's books. I knew I would love this. The thing about her books that hooks me is, you never know what your going to get. Seriously, you could start on what may seem like a regular romance and pow! In comes something that blows everything off course and changes all rules. Logan Lost was the ultimate example of this style.
Lily Logan is an extremely successful woman. Worked hard and lives for her career. She is confident and takes no cr** off anyone. She doesn't need a man and doesn't want one. She is control and shows it right from the start.
It doesn't take long to realise why Lily is now like this. We are taken on a journey that time travels between the present and clips of the past. To show Lily's life and what takes place from her teen years to now.
To say that what has happened to Lily over the years was brutal, may not even cover it. The things that she has endured and experienced are extreme but are what has made her who she is.
I couldn't make my mind up about Lily, to start with I thought she was cold and hard. Yet reading on, I found that she is this way as that is how she was made. Also, I started to admire her strength, and the face that she puts on top on everything. When underneath she is obviously torn and drawn to something that seems beyond her control.
I'm not going to give anything away from this book. I didn't get any clues or ideas and I think it's enjoyed best going in that way. Any spoilers would ruin the effect it has on you.
As always with Emma's books, the writing style is addictive. The picture painted from her words is so clear, you feel sucked into the story. It's brutal and nothing is ever held back. But that is exactly the way I love it.
This isn't a classic love story and it would be best to acknowledge that fact before starting. The emotions and feelings that the characters have towards each other, are overwhelming and sometimes it can lull you into thinking and wanting it to turn into a conventional romance. Although saying that, the ending of this book is still 100% satisfying and leaves you feeling content. At least I was. :)
A book full of colourful characters. From Lily, to her 2 troubled brothers Tom and Joe, and Eliot the man trying to get to know Lily better. Every character has a story to tell and troubles they hide, that torment them.
I suppose I should point out that there is a great deal of sensitive subject matter in this book. Some of it did surprise me but it showed perfectly just how extreme the situations were and to what extent some characters would go.
If your reading this review then you have already read the synopsis, in which case you will know this is a dark romance of sorts and some parts of this book can be quite extreme. Most of you are here because that is the sort of books you love. In which case, you must read this!! You will love it. If your not, perhaps not your cup of tea? ;) I do love books that make my head & heart hurt and make me think a great deal. This was perfect, and I was still sat thinking about it for a great deal of time when it finished. If it leaves a lasting impression then it must be good!! Just be prepared, this isn't Gone with the Wind. Unless there is a naughty, dark version I'm not aware of?? ;)

Again, I am so glad I came across Emma L.Smith's books. Her shock & wow factor continually keep me engrossed and entertained. An Addictive, dark and tormented read. 5 Stars!!!

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