Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunshine Trilogy - Nikki Rae - Series Spotlight

I had the absolute pleasure of being given all 3 books in the Sunshine Trilogy by Nikki Rae for review.
Although I had to take a break between the first and second book, I was hooked and fell straight in to the flow of the story. Picking it all back up easily and read through books two and three straight through.
Although I have reviewed each book individually, I wanted to give a brief round up of all three books in the trilogy with all the links to buy and read reviews etc.
I loved this paranormal trilogy. I find it really hard to find good paranormal books these days. There is only so many topics that can be tapped in to that haven't already been done a million times over. Those who manage to write a new paranormal with their own unique twist grab my attention and awe immediately. 
That is exactly what I found with the Sunshine trilogy. There is so many elements to this series that are new and unique because of the way they have been approached and written. Although sometimes dark and overwhelmingly emotional, there is a good feel to it all. Like a 'meant to be' feel. Which I know sounds corny, but it's a feeling I got from all 3 books. The hideous and horrid things that happen tend to be emotionally shattering yet we get the impression it's all part of a bigger picture. Which ultimately leaves a feel good vibe to it all. 
So after I have finished all three books I'm left with a feeling of, What do i read now?, What happened years down the line for all the characters? If I'm still left wondering about the book and the characters then it's left an impression on me, which is annoying but a very good sign. :)
So, what happens after the Sunshine Trilogy for Author Nikki Rae? Good Question. I will need to find out. ;)
Again, I can't explain just how much I recommend this book. For paranormal lovers or just people wanting something a bit different, new and full of emotion and action. 

A 5 star series.

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