Friday, May 30, 2014

Whats been happening!

Hey there! :)
Well, it's been a crazy, busy time for me since the I made the blog a visible/search-able/published on line blog. (Yes, I know that lacked some sense and use of the English lang. :-/ )
Looking back, it's been almost 2 months and it's been full on for most of that time. 
Yet, I have loved every minute of it. Some things are new, some things are unfinished or not even started. Some things have progressed slowly over that time, but I have loved every minute of it. 
I do feel that some days I am actually just talking to myself (nothing unusual there) and nobody has seen a single post I have put up. Then one day someone will comment about something I have posted or share it and I know it was worth while feeling like a crazy person. 
Facebook and Twitter accounts tick on by. I keep them updated with my ramblings, mostly to myself. ;) but I love doing it and one day it may get crazy busy and I'll look back on the days of talking to myself and laugh. 
The absolute best thing about all this, is meeting new people and Authors. I have been asked to read some amazing books from some Authors who are rising up in popularity, and I am so grateful for these opportunities. I have found some of my favorite books through interaction with Authors, that have come via Facebook or my Blog. So I know, that even if it seems like nobody is reading what I post. They are somewhere! :)
New projects: 
Besides the blog, the Facebook page, Twitter and anything else that needs updating daily with Louise rambles. I also have started a Facebook Fan Page for a fictional Rock Band. Which a series of books is centered around. As you may have already guessed I'm a huge fan of Author Lisa Swallow, and back her wherever and however possible. (Pre-Restraining order bahaha *ahem*) Anyway, I decided her 'boys' needed a little showing off and they really have a lot to say, and numerous albeit sometimes odd pictures to show about. So that's where the fan page has come about. Can i get a little pimp in, of course I can. ;)

Blue Phoenix Page

So if you love Lisa Swallows books, take a look at the above page. It's only a baby page but it's going to be awesome!!
Right so on that note, I actually have quite a few things to get done. So I'm going to over and out. If your reading this post, please continue to follow my ramblings! Or come see me on Facebook, I don't bite. Much ;)
Bye. Lou. xxx

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